Urubko Summited and is Back in Camp 1!

Denis Urubko already summited Gasherbrum II via the normal route last week, as an acclimatization climb.

Finally, great news from Gasherbrum II: “Denis Urubko is back in Camp 1, he summited,” Matthew James‘ home team told ExplorersWeb. He did it “by a new route, alone, without O2,” confirms the Polish-Kazakh climber’s Facebook page. Further details to come.

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Angela Benavides

Angela Benavides

Senior journalist, published author and communication consultant. Specialized on high-altitude mountaineering, with an interest for everything around the mountains: from economics to geopolitics. After five years exploring distant professional ranges, I returned to ExWeb BC in 2018. Feeling right at home since then!

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Craig Quigley

Cheers for this update Angela.

Denis – what a legend!

Doctor E

Amazing! I’m not a professional climber and in no means an expert but I climbed the Big E this year. It was my first 8000m peak having climbed Kilimanjaro last year as a sampler. To read about professional climbers climbing solo blows my mind and I’m in complete awe! I struggled on the Big E and nearly collapsed a few times but I was determined to make it to the summit. I’m lucky to be alive, however, I’m looking forward to my next 8000m (guided ofcourse 😉 )

Andrew Forster

Then you have no business on ANY 8,000m besides the Disneyland: Nepal joke of Everest unless you want to meet Denis personally when he has to rescue your inexperienced rich ass


Achievement Unlocked!!!
Big CONGRATS to Denis.
Thanks to Angela for the post. Harrowing waiting to hear news about this climb. Denis needed a bubble on his pic “Loading please wait”


Congrats to Denis. The new line looks really impressive – almost a straight line from bottom to top, judging from the photo. And a solo, no o2 climb at that. Definitely worth another piolet d’or.

Craig Quigley

When you consider his altruistic attitude to aiding 3 rescues before the climb – when he should’ve been resting in preparation. then there’s every chance. Without doubt this climb is the headline on this year’s 8000s….so far😉