Everest Summit Bid Delayed

8000ers Everest
Chinese guides carry supplies and O2 to 7,000m. Photo: Xinhua

The Chinese surveyors aiming to summit and re-measure Everest are in ABC (6,500m) after a failed attempt to reach Camp 1 (at 7,028m) yesterday.

After gaining 200 vertical metres above ABC, they turned around because of dangerous conditions. “At 6,700m, they found that the snow on the climbing route was relatively deep and there was a danger of avalanches,” reported Xinhua News.

Today, a group of mountain guides were heading to Camp 1 to assess the avalanche risk before setting a new climbing schedule. The surveyors remain in ABC, “resting and practising climbing skills.”

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Turn back if it is not safe, don’t risk your life, it is always a next day .

Phil Cole

They could rebuild the Rongbok monastery which was destroyed by the CCP years ago….