Chinese Surveyors Summit Everest

8000ers Everest
The surveyors on the summit with their measuring equipment. Photo: Xinhua

As planned, the Chinese team of eight surveyors summited Everest today, after their guides fixed the route yesterday.

They left Camp 3 (8,300m), which they had reached around 4pm yesterday, at 2:10am today, and reached the summit at 11am local time.

They erected a surveyor’s beacon on the summit. Together with the BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite receivers, 3D interactive virtual reality, an airborne gravimeter, snow-depth radar and other instruments, it will measure the exact height of Everest.

Chinese climbers on Everest’s Second Step today. Photo: Xinhua

News is presently expected of the safe descent of the guides who summited yesterday. They reportedly reached the top quite late — 4:35 pm — before heading down. It is unclear whether they stopped at Camp 3 or lower.

The expedition missed by two days the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Everest via its north side by Chinese climbers. Nevertheless, a new stamp printed by China Post and worth 1.20 yuan ($0.17) pays tribute to the event.

New stamp by China Post commemorating the first ascent of Everest via its north side by Chinese climbers.

On May 25, 1960, Wang Fuzhou, Qu Yinhua and Konbu became the first Chinese to summit Everest, and the first climbers to successfully complete Mallory and Irvine’s original route on the mountain’s north side.

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Damien François

Wow! Congratulations!

Damien François

Disliking congratulations, what a world!

Karrar Haidri

Congratulations to CTMA and all members of the expedition.

Always Counting

I count 10.
10 in recent summit image.
10 in postage stamp commeration.


Summit! Awesome pic of the second step. Is the 1960 Chinese team the one that has controversy around it in some circles or is it another?


Yes the controversy was the chinese 1960 team indeed. However after late research and checks of all that they had told of the route and specifics of the mountain, it seems most logical that they summited indeed. In other words, they had details about things you can not know if you had not been there.

Damien François

Last year there was a team of surveyor on the Nepalese side. Any idea what height they measured for Everest?


Call me a skeptic….but this was China installing property pins as part of their claim to Mt Everest…they will claim the entire mountain.