K2: Big Teams Spend Christmas Trekking Toward Base Camp

K2 Winter 8000ers
Merry Frozen Christmas from K2 BC. Photo: John Snorri

The action doesn’t stop for Christmas in the Karakorum. The large team of Western climbers with Seven Summits Treks reached Paiju today. At this rate, they’ll reach Base Camp on December 30. Nirmal Purja’s group is one day ahead, in Urdukas.

The SST group camped yesterday in the Jhola area, six days away from BC.

Meanwhile, on K2 itself, Mingma G’s Sherpa team managed to reach Camp 2 before returning to BC. John Snorri is also celebrating a very cold Christmas day in Base Camp.

Forecasts show a weather window opening soon, an excellent chance for frontline teams to fix up to the Black Pyramid at 7,100m, and the ones behind to start acclimatizing.

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The photo showing the SST group camping near Jhula has 4wd vehicles in the background. I had to do a double take knowing that vehicles can only normally get as far as Askole. I have to ask, when the Braldu is frozen can vehicles get all the way to Jhula, or farther?


Solid question. I didn’t notice until I read your comment

Damien François

They were airlifted! ;-))
Santa Claus paid a visit…

Shakeel Tariq

Karakorum Expeditions explained that there is a new road to Jhola camp, built for jeeps supplying the military settlement. Thanks to it, “you can trek the same day to Paiju, which means you save two days trekking in and two days trekking out, and therefore, the trek to K2 Base Camp is now reduced by almost four days

From: https://explorersweb.com/2020/12/26/purja-co-reach-k2-base-camp/


Would be incredible to see a winter ascent succeed