Everest: N/S traverse, Blind Summit, Fatality toll rises to 4, Dujmovits holding

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(Nestler) Maybe 60 climbers tried to reach Everest summit on the north side.

Ralf Dujmovits holding for no 02 attempt.

Blind climber Andy Holzer and his two companions Wolfgang Klocker and Klemens Bichler topped out Everest in 8 hours from high camp and five hours for the descent to Camp 3.

Everest Fatality toll rises to 4. An American and a Slovak, both 50 years old, died on the south side, a 54-year-old Australian on the north side. An Indian climber, who was missed on the Nepali side, was meanwhile found dead near the South Col.

Pole Janusz Adamski summited Mount Everest climbing alone, without bottled oxygen ascending from the North, descending to the South.

Frenchwoman Elisabeth Revol self-reported summit of Lhotse.

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