Lhotse South Wall: No Expedition This Spring

Chinese politics, again

Explorersweb contributor Kyu Dam Lee sent word that Sung-Taek Hong’s expedition for the south wall of Mt. Lhotse has been jeopardized by world politics.

Stating they were following orders by the Chinese government; Hong’s Chinese trekking agency has suddenly cancelled Hong’s expedition, refusing to accept payments etc.

Hong says his expedition was never political in any way. However, it’s not the first time Chinese politics interfered with mountaineering.

Lee told Explorersweb it’s speculated the reason for the governmental order may be based on US military decision to install THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system against enemy’s missile, with the Korean government providing logistics.

Unfair treatment has reportedly affected also other Korean companies in China besides the Korean Lhotse expedition.

Mr. Hong is looking for a new outfit and sponsorship to return in fall in the same team. Kyu Dam Lee said Spaniard Jorge Egocheaga has been notified and understands the decision.


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