A new challenge

When does exploring stop? No, it has nothing to do with age or wanting to be the eldest who does whatever he does. Is life a challenge itself ?
Working towards Route du Rhum 2018 with a 16m racer/cruiser, Malcolm Tennant designed, New Zealand built. The personal boat of a professional shipwright. Simple, strong. Fast. Beachable with retractable daggerboards and cassette rudders. Proven shorthanded vessel. 16m x 8.5m, 5800 kg, 118.72sqm sail area. Builder: J.R. Murphy.

Ts ems such a long time from now to 2018 but I need the time.

The year I become 70 and competing in a race across the Atlantic, from Saint Malo (Franve) to Guadeloup (Carib) … a new challenge … yes !