A Very White New Year at Manaslu Base Camp

The forecast warned of snow, but the climbers at Manaslu’s Base Camp never expected such a huge dump in only 72 hours.

After yesterday’s video below, it snowed even more.


Txikon reported 1.5m of snow in 24 hours. Needless to say, it buried all the work previously done on the route. “That’s what winter is like, we’re used to it,” Txikon said. “It’s an old story we know too well,” echoed Simone Moro.

Moro had time to retreat to Samagaon, but conditions were no better there, as we see below.


Today, after the three-day blizzard, the skies cleared and the sun looked out onto a beautiful white landscape. But peaceful as it looks, that snow will have to settle before the climbers dare to resume progress.

“There are two metres of fresh snow on the mountain,” Alex Txikon said. “First, we have a lot of work ahead to make Base Camp habitable and safe again. And farther up, the going will get really tough in all that snow.”

A gorgeous day on Manaslu, wrapped in two metres of fresh snow. Photo: Alex Txikon