Adventure Activism: Johan Nilson in Africa

500km across Serengeti: accompanied by armed men, destroying traps
(Newsdesk) Johan Ernst Nilson, shot over news about his latest adventure; “the first ever entire walk across Serengeti National Park (besides maybe the tribes 100 years ago) – a journey of 500 km through 45 degrees heat and filled with wild animals and armed poachers.”

The walk was to raise money and awareness to illegal poaching of lions, elephants and rhinos, he says. “I walked with three military guards armed with AK-47.”

“We destroyed 85 traps.”

“We were attacked by a bull, had poachers 10 meters away behind the bushes, we were 80 meters from 12 lions and 100 meters from 20 elephants. It was wild!”

“This is the start of a series of expeditions called Not a Walk in the Park, where I will mix adventures in national parks with charity and helping the works to become a better place. Coming up is a three-week jungle trek in Himalaya with tigers and journey through Uganda with gorillas.”

“On my mobile site, you can change your FB profile picture to different animals.”


After the Everest Earth Quake, Johan spent months in Nepal, doing relief work. Among his many expeditions is his journey from the North Pole to the South Pole.