Adventure Consultants: Remembrances

Highlight: Expedition dispatches

The big news today is that summit ropes were fixed to the big rock just below the balcony. Fantastic news!

Getting the rope fixing team together has not been easy this season, as the story of the season has been folks reneging on their commitment and not turning up. This means on day 2 of rope fixing tomorrow, the ropes will fall a bit short of getting to the Hillary Step and Summit. The difference can be made up later.

I awoke to yet another milky sky day with a big halo around the sun. Sure enough it was snowing just after noon. As dry and sunny as April was May has been the opposite. Sun now hits my tent before 7.00am and if I’m not woken by avalanches there is a dawn chorus of birds.

This morning Rob and Claudia from the Lhotse Team climbed to C3. Good job! Tomorrow they’ll come down to BC.

In the the early hours tomorrow morning Masha and Colin are heading to C2. This is the beginning of their summit bid. Good luck guys, we’re following you.

In general this is a time of the expedition for patiently waiting, going for walks to keep fit and monitoring weather forecasts.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Everest 1996 ‘Into thin air disaster’. We remember great friends lost and lessons learned. Peace brothers

Hi to folks back home

Mike for the AC Team

Silvia is a dab hand in the Sherpa kitchen

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