Adventure Dogs, Spirit and Ara: Changing in a changing world

Did I know this day was coming? Yes, of course. (Ara)

It was an amazing story. Left heartbroken after losing a 24-years old son – his only child – to cancer, Ara Gureghian hit the road with rescue dog Spirit in hope of healing.

Riding in his own sidecar, wearing goggles and helmet, Spirit was by Ara’s side 24/7 on a path with no finish line. The man and the animal became each other’s life.

Last time we caught up with them, in 2011, the duo had been riding four years and 140,000 miles, out on a journey that was only just beginning.

Now, Ara reports, the ride is over. Or at least, it’s changing. As life always must, when reality gets altered and the world becomes a different place.

In his beautiful entry, posted only a few days ago, Ara explains his decision with an open and emotional story that will resonate with many people out there on the roads.

It’s a tale about freedom that’s not so free anymore, about loss of true relations in an increasingly connected world, and about finding a different way to go on together, when the old road gets too rough on one. Ara’s dispatch


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