Ali Sadpara’s Must-read Interview, Nanga Parbat High Altitude Police and Bad Weather Reaches Manaslu

Ali Sadpara shares his raw and candid views about mountaineering in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Nanga Parbat bad weather continues.
(By Raheel Adnan) Success of several Himalayan expeditions greatly depends upon efforts of high altitude porters. However, they’re also the least vocal ones and seldom has their opinion reached the masses.

Ali Sadpara has been a vital part of multiple important expeditions. He is termed as “currently the best Pakistani climber” and “the real leader of current winter Nanga Parbat expedition” by Alex Txikon. Alex’s BC companion Igone Mariezkurrena interviewed Ali Sadpara, which is published on Spanish climber’s website. Ali’s views about mountains and mountaineering in Pakistan are raw, candid and a true depiction of what lays ahead for Pakistani HAPs.

It’s a must read: Ali ‘Sadpara’: “My work is always invisible”

No Climbing on Nanga Parbat

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