Andrzej Bargiel Makes First Ascent of Yawash Sar II, Skis Down

Today, Andrzej Bargiel and Yendrek Baranowski made the first ascent of Yawash Sar II (6,178m), then skied down to the base of the mountain.

Bargiel and Baranowski set off from Base Camp, camped at 5,100m, then left for the top at 4 am today, reports. Details remain sketchy, but at least Bargiel summited and skied down.

Karakorum peak and foreground glacier

The previously unclimbed Yawash Sar II. Photo: Andrzej Bargiel


Their hastened schedule ensures that the team will reach Gilgit and Skardu before tourism travel shuts down on May 8 to limit COVID spread during the end-of-Ramadan holidays. Skardu marks the start for Bargiel’s trek to his next goal: Laila Peak.

Yawash Sar II lies near the border of Pakistan, India, and China, in the Hunza region. Polish climbers such as Jerzy Vala and Janusz Majer have eyed the peak for years. (Majer apparently suggested the expedition to Bargiel.) In 2018, a team attempted the mountain, but avalanche danger prevented them from summiting.