Annapurna: Pakistani Team Reaches Base Camp

A Pakistani team is the first this season to reach the base camp of an 8,000m peak, right in time to celebrate their national day.

Climbers Shirbaz Ali and Abdul Joshi, expedition manager Saad Munawar, and photographer Kamran Ali (aka Kamran on Bike) flew today from the village of Dana to Annapurna Base Camp at 4,200m.

The Pakistani climbers are part of a larger team, which all met today in Base Camp.  Sherpas working for their expedition started fixing the route yesterday. “It is surreal and humbling to be watched over by giant icy mountains on all sides,” Bhai wrote.

The team will send regular updates, and later you can track the climbers’ locations live here.

Seven Summit Treks also welcomed their Annapurna team in Pokhara yesterday and will reach Base Camp soon. Annapurna is the first mountain to receive visitors this year, and apart from Everest, it will be the most popular 8,000m target this season.

Part of SST’s Annapurna team at dinner in Pokhara yesterday. On the right, Antonios Sykaris and Gesman Tamang. Photo: Lakpa Dendi