Annapurna: Still Little News. Should We Start Worrying?

Two days after the most massive summit push in the history of Annapurna, the lack of news is remarkable. Some climbers have shared very short messages confirming their arrival in Base Camp, but no reports about their experiences and not a word about other climbers.

While some are safe in BC, we are still awaiting news about many others who set off for the summit on April 16.

Mingma G has posted a summit picture with Mingma Tenzi. The two broke trail and fixed ropes to the first 8,000m summit of the year in Nepal, three months after bagging the first winter climb of K2.

Purnima Shrestha on Annapurna: “A question of do or die.” Photo: Purnima Shrestha


“Annapurna is really the toughest mountain that I have ever climbed,” said Nepali photojournalist Purnima Shrestha. “I started directly with 8,000m on Manaslu, followed by Everest and then Ama Dablam, but they were never this challenging”

“I cried a lot on Annapurna because I was fighting a battle each and every moment,” she added. “I cannot explain how I felt on this particular mountain. It was like do or die. I was ready to die but I did it.”

Sirbaz Khan of Pakistan, pursuing his dream to climb all 14 8,000’ers, was relieved to have summited his sixth with his highly skilled partner Abdul Joshi. They dedicated the summit to the late Ali Sadpara. “Ali bhai, you’ll stay alive in our hearts forever,” he wrote.

Sirbaz Khan (left) and Abdul Joshi on the top of Annapurna. Photo: Sirbaz Khan


Soon, we should hear details of the summit climb and the descent. But for now, we continue to await confirmation that everyone is safely back in Base Camp.