Annapurna: Summit Push Tonight

Annapurna climbers are at Camp 4, preparing to set off for the summit tonight. Sherpas established the camp yesterday at 7,000m. Pakistani climbers Sirbaz Khan and Abdul Joshi also spent last night there. The rest of the climbers joined them this morning from Camp 3 in “fair wind” conditions, according to Chhang Dawa Sherpa.

Annapurna: the route to the summit. Photo: Moeses Fiamoncini

Most of them belong to Seven Summits Treks team, which includes Viridiana Álvarez, Badia Bonilla, and Mauricio López from Mexico; Lu Chung Han from Taiwan; Uta Ibraini from Albania-Kosovo; Angiolo Lavizino from the U.S.; Jaroslaw Zdanowicz and Waldemar Kowalewski from Poland, Sergei Kondrashkin, Dmitri Sinev, and Aleksandr Lutokhin from Russia; Antonios Sykaris from Greece and Moeses Fiamoncini from Brazil. These last two climbers planned to climb without O2.

Sykaris confirmed that they would set off at 11 pm Nepal time (7:15 pm in Central Europe, 1:15 pm Eastern Daylight Time).

Nepali climbers in the expedition include Purnima Shrestha, Lakpa Dendi Sherpa, Gesman Tamang, Lakpa Temba Sherpa, Tashi Sherpa, Pemba Sherpa, Chhangba Sherpa, Dawa Sherpa, and Mingma Tenji Sherpa.

You can follow the climb via the trackers carried by Moeses Fiamoncini, Viridiana Alvarez, Badía Bonilla, and the Pakistani team.