Another Rescue for Denis “Red Cross” Urubko

“It seems like a joke, but it is not,” Denis Urubko wrote, right after getting involved in — can you believe it? — yet another rescue. It’s his third in three days.

This time, a Pakistani porter ran into trouble in an icefall, reports. The Russian-language description of the event was brief and confusing, but the crisis ended happily.

Urubko was not the only aid worker: Sergi Mingote (again), an American, a Romanian, a Czech and several Pakistanis also lent a hand.

The rescuers: Denis Urubko (left) and Sergi Mingote. Photo: Sergi Mingote

It is uncertain whether Urubko still intends to open a new route on Gasherbrum II or will don a Red Cross uniform and devote himself full-time to rescuing others. We also don’t know whether Sergi Mingote, who helped Urubko on the previous rescue yesterday, is returning home immediately.

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