Antarctica: Worsley in whole day white-out

Contrast in snow, a mere two feet
(Correne Coetzer) Unlike the previous update as on Pythom, Henry Wilson’s Day 5 was “a bit of stinker”, he reported.

He woke to very low cloud, no sun and really poor visibility, “more of the white darkness” – it remained so all day. It was so bad, when he sat at the back of his sled, he could see only two feet of the tracks before they disappeared.

Henry stumbled across an occasionally firm and ridged surface. He would stop with “a punch in the stomach” when a stationary sled could not cross a small obstacle, which was impossible to see in the poor light.

November 17:

Camp at S81º 23.997 W51º 23.336

Day’s distance: 11.1 nm

Altitude: 479 ft

no wind, white-out


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