Anurag Maloo Reaches India Safely

Anurag Maloo, the miracle survivor from Annapurna, has made it to the hospital in Delhi, alive and in good spirits.

The insurance company and Anurag’s family managed to arrange a nonstop air ambulance between Kathmandu and the India city. Anurag left Nepal this morning.  “What a moment it was when he got out of the hospital,” Prateek Gupta of ASC360 Insurance Company told ExplorersWeb.

After a long wait, news came: All well! He reached the hospital in Delhi at 2:15 pm. There, he received preliminary checkups in the emergency department, then was shifted to the intensive care unit, Gupta told ExplorersWeb. “He is in high spirits and was asking for lemonade and ice cream, which is obviously not possible.”

In the photos, Maloo looks good, bearing in mind what he’s been through. Maloo’s family lavished praise on the medical staff that has taken care of him since he was rescued, barely alive, from a crevasse on Annapurna.

handwritten letter

Letter from Maloo’s Brother. Photo: Prateek Gupta


“Now, let’s pray for Miracle #5: that all his main organs work with no major serious problems,” Gupta wished. So do we.

Angela Benavides

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