Kris Annapurna

Kris Annapurna

Title: Writer, real state agent in Spain, translator and interpreter
Location: Madrid, Spain
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  • Topics of Expertise: Alpinism, history of alpinism, news, stories, updates, expeditions, great mountain ranges, Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir, other mountain ranges, wingsuiting, climbing, free solo, BASE, mountaineering literature, outdoors.
  • Years in This Expertise: 4 years active by publishing a special account on mountaineering on Twitter, almost 1 year at ExplorersWeb.
  • Number of Products & Number of Hours Expert Has Tested: 10,000+ hours

Education & Certifications

  • Education: Complutense University Madrid, Spain. Philology
  • Years of Writing: 4+ at personal level, almost 1 year for Explorersweb
  • Certifications: Translator (specializing in criminal law)

A Word From KrisAnnapurna

  • Why Author Chose This Career: As a writer for ExplorersWeb, I feel myself a very lucky person. I love this job and the team. I feel that I can be creative when suggesting topics and writing. All my colleagues are supportive and never cut my wings. My passion is writing about alpinism, climbing and mountaineering. I spend more than eight hours per day dedicating myself to it.
  • How Author Began Career: I started to be interested in mountaineering communication thanks to my friend, Sebastian Alvaro, who for more than 30 years was the director and creator of Al Filo de Lo Imposible, the acclaimed documentary series about the best era of Spanish alpinism. Through him, I met a lot of alpinists and learned their stories and careers. I started to run a Twitter account dedicated to mountaineering.
  • Personal Interests: Sports history in general, fencing (epee), reading, dogs and animals in general, trekking, painting, music, drawing. When younger: sprinter (100m)

Two More Dead On Everest

A 59-year-old Indian woman, Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus, has died...
Carlos Soria smiles to the camera with a red jacket and blue woolen cap.

Carlos Soria Injured On Dhaulagiri; Needs Rescue

Rescuers are moving an injured Carlos Soria down from...
7,422m Yangra Kangri aka Ganesh I.

Forgotten 7,000’ers: Yangra Kangri

In Nepal, there are 86 peaks (including sub-peaks) between...
6,286m Great Trango Tower.

Trango: Morrison’s Team Leaves, Another Group Arrives

As we reported earlier, Jim Morrison, Christina Lusti, and...
Himalchuli at sunrise.

Forgotten 7,000’ers: Himalchuli

In Nepal, there are 86 peaks (including sub-peaks) between...
'Borealis Face' on Citadel's Northwest Face. Kichatna Spires, Alaska.

Two First Ascents in Alaska’s Kichatna Spires

On April 19, 2023, American mountain guides Joseph Hobby...
Single figure and footprints in the snow on Great Trango Tower

Updated: Second Attempt on Great Trango Tower Falls Short

Jim Morrison, Christina Lusti, and Nick McNutt are back...

Forgotten 7,000’ers: Shartse

In Nepal, there are 86 peaks (including sub-peaks) between...
"The Technicolour Superdream" on the west face of Mount Huntington.

New Route On Alaska’s Mount Huntington

Three elite climbers have established a new alpine route...
Climber with skis on his back ascending a steep snow slope

Jim Morrison to Ski Down Great Trango Tower

Jim Morrison, whose partner Hilaree Nelson perished on Manaslu...
Mt. Gya seen from Karzok.

Mount Gya: First Ascent of a Confusing Peak

In the Indian Himalaya, the best-known mountains are 8,586m...
Rescuers extracting from the crevasse the fallen ski mountaineer.

Updated: Three Skiers Missing After Avalanche in Italian Alps

More troubling avalanche news today, this time from Italy's...
Tirich Mir.

The Hindu Kush and the First Ascent of Tirich Mir

At 7,708m, Pakistan's Tirich Mir is the highest peak...
portrait of the missing mountaineer

Climber Disappears in the Alps Two Days Before Heading to Kangchenjunga

Hungarian mountaineer and extreme skier Akos Gyorffy is missing...
Chomolungma (aka Mount Everest) seen from Kala Patthar.

Two Russians Aim to Climb and Ski Everest No-O2

Russian climbers and extreme skiers Vitaly Lazo and Anton...
Jarkya 6,473m.

Japanese to Attempt Unclimbed Jarkya Peak

A Japanese party is heading to Nepal to attempt...
Evening light on Makalu and Kangchungtse.

Bad Weather, Tough Decisions: Kangchungtse, 1985

Makalu, the world's fifth-highest mountain at 8,481m, has two...
Portrait of Schnell against a snowy peak

Hanns Schell: Unlocking the 7,000’ers

Some mountaineers are real explorers. Austrian Hanns Schell fits...
Kangchenjunga early in the morning viewed from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling.

Kangchenjunga 1991: ‘See and Remember, Do and Understand’

The third highest mountain in the world, 8,586m Kangchenjunga...
Mitre Peak seen from Concordia Camp.

Savage Soul: The Lone Ascent of Mitre Peak

A sharp, aesthetic 6,000'er in Pakistan's Karakoram, Mitre Peak...
Ammon McNeely in 2020.

Legendary Climber Ammon McNeely Dies in Accident

Legendary rock climber, BASE jumper, and Yosemite speed master...
Sarah Hueniken belaying Will Gadd on one of the lines on the Helmcken Falls

Elite Ice Climbers Flock to Helmcken Falls

At 141m, Helmcken Falls is the fourth-highest waterfall in...
Amne Machin the most sacred mountain in eastern Tibet.

A Short History of Amne Machin, Once Believed to Be Higher Than Everest

The Amne Machin is the eastern extension of the...
Lake Nordenskjold and behind Torres del Paine.

A Freak Accident Near Torres del Paine

This has been an unusually fatal season in Patagonia,...

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