Bargiel Skis Gasherbrum I, Completes All Karakoram 8,000’ers

Andrzej Bargiel of Poland skied down Gasherbrum I today. He has now skied all the Karakoram 8,000’ers from their summits.

Bargiel topped out on Gasherbrum I at 7:15 am today and immediately started skiing down. Several other teams such as Alpenglow and Imagine Nepal, and independent climbers such as Hugo Ayaviri, summited as well.

Bargiel’s team has just made it back to Base Camp and will rest before sharing details.

The skier, Janusz Golab and the film-makers stand on rocky ground, with the mountain in background.

Andrzej Bargiel, second from the right, arrives back in Base Camp, with Gasherbrum I behind. Photo: Pawlikowski Media


Bargiel summited and skied down Gasherbrum II last week.

He succeeded on Broad Peak in 2015 and K2 in 2018.

Bargiel progress among crevasses in a broken glacier, with his skis on his backpack.

Bargiel on his way to Camp 2 on Gasherbrum I, over a tricky glacier section. Photo: Andrzej Bargiel’s team


Today’s Gasherbrum I summiters started their push from Camp 2. This increased the difficulty for no-O2 climbers such as Hugo Ayaviri and Bargiel. Bargiel set off from Camp 2 at 9 pm. Supporting climber Janusz Golab and drone operator Maciej Sulima, who had accompanied Bargiel to that point, waited for him at Camp 2.

Ayaviri himself is back at Camp 1, happy with summiting despite the long climb in bad weather and tough conditions.

Another group of climbers on neighboring Gasherbrum II hope to summit tonight. Among them, Flor Cuenca of Peru and Adriana Brownlee of the UK. There are also summits reported on Broad Peak, from an EliteExped team that included Victor Rimac of Peru without supplementary O2. Chris Warner also succeeded on Broad Peak with Tsering Sherpa of 8K Expeditions.

Angela Benavides

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