Foldable & Portable: The Best Camping Tables In 2023

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There’s nothing like camping in the great outdoors to put you back in touch with nature and help recharge your batteries. A portable table can be set up practically anywhere and it provides not only a comfortable place to cook and dine but to socialize and entertain, too.

The best camping tables are durable but also lightweight, able to fold down into a compact package for easy transportation and storage. Read on for some of our favorite models.

The best camping tables

Best camp dining table: Stoic Dirtbag Dining Table

  • Lightweight aluminum constructionstoic dirtbag dining table
  • Weighs 13 lbs, supports over 60 lbs
  • Fold-up top and collapsible legs
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Stable and easy to set up
  • Rolls down to a bag for easy transport
  • Big enough to seat multiple people


  • Bigger than most camping tables so it doesn’t pack very small

The Stoic Dirtbag Camping Table is an excellent choice for dining or prep at your campsite. When extended, it measures 31.5 inches x 48 inches x 28 inches, so there’s plenty of leg room, and the height is just right for camping chairs.

The construction is all aluminum, giving the table a relatively light weight of 13 lbs. The carry bag comes with a carry strap and is easy to set up.

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Best small folding table: GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camp Table

  • Aluminum frame and tabletopgci outdoor compact folding camp table
  • Weighs around 5 lbs, supports up to 60 lbs
  • Telescoping legs
  • Foldable design


  • Sets up in about 20 seconds
  • Sets up high so you’re not bending over all the time
  • While compact, the small size can easily seat two people


  • Tabletop is lightweight aluminum and can easily dent

Sturdy and compact, yet spacious enough to seat two people, the GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camp Table is ideal for all outdoor activities. Thanks to its folding design, it’s easy to set up, take down, and pack away. Our tester particularly loved its compact size. Our tester sometimes even pops it up inside her van, perfect for card games or snacks when rain keeps her inside.

The GCI portable table is made from aluminum, so it’s durable yet lightweight at less than six pounds. One downside is that the tabletop seems to dent rather easily according to several reviewers. The good news is, our tester hasn’t managed to dent it after months of use.

See GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camp Table on Amazon

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Best for groups: ARB Compact Aluminum Camping Table

  • 100% aluminum constructionarb compact aluminum camping table
  • Weighs around 7 lbs, holds up to 66 lbs
  • Heat-resistant surface
  • Black anodized legs
  • 600D PVC back nylon carry bag included


  • Big enough for four people
  • Folds up in a carry bag for storage
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Pricier than most camp tables in this guide

The ARB Compact Aluminum Camping Table is perfect for four people. This table can also be used for food preparation and gear organization. The 27.5in height is perfect for camp chairs.

Our tester is a big fan of the aluminum construction that keeps the weight down and the anodized black legs are a nice touch as they don’t show wear or dirt as easily as regular aluminum. The 600D nylon bag is quite durable.

See ARB Compact Aluminum Camping Table on Rover Parts

Best cook station: GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station

  • Steel frame with heat-resistant aluminum countertopgci outdoor slim-fold cook station
  • Storage rack plus four plastic side tables
  • Weighs 19 lbs, supports up to 300 lbs in total
  • Foldable design with carry handle


  • Lightweight with lots of storage
  • Well-made and durable
  • Ideal for a portable stove
  • Easy to set up and fold down


  • Shelves are a little flimsy
  • Needs to be placed on good flat ground

If you need an affordable but sturdy camp kitchen with lots of storage, we highly recommend the GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station. One of our editors decided on this table after lots of research because of the attention to detail, small but impactful features, and sheer volume of cook space available. She reports that there’s plenty of space for her camp stove and that she’s able to run a Jetboil and an additional single burner stove all at the same time up top, with room to chop vegetables too.

Our editor uses the lower layer for drying dishes or holding extra propane tanks, and the lower fold-out tables for storing already prepped items. There are also trash bag holders on each side, which are quite handy for disposing of food scraps.

See GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station on Amazon

Best budget table: REDCAMP Folding Adjustable Camp Table

  • Sturdy aluminum frame with MDF topredcamp folding adjustable camp table
  • Weighs 5.5 lbs, supports up to 70 lbs
  • Adjustable legs
  • Folds into a suitcase with carry handle
  • Lightweight and portable folding table
  • Secured with U-shaped side supports and latches


  • Folds down nice and flat with a built-in handle for carrying
  • Legs and frame are high-quality aluminum
  • Easy to set up and clean


  • Removable leg extensions could get lost if you’re not careful

Weighing only 5.5 lbs and supporting up to 70 lbs, the REDCAMP folding table is light and compact, yet pretty sturdy. This model is a great all-purpose small table with an aluminum frame that is easy to set up.

The table height can also be adjusted between 10 and 19 inches using the adjustable legs. This adjustability can be great for switching between a food prep table and a dining table. Most importantly, the whole thing is easy to both set up and fold away. It comes with a convenient carry handle.

The only downside is that the top is not made from aluminum but medium-density fiberboard, making it less durable than pricier models.

See REDCAMP Folding Adjustable Camp Table on Amazon

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Most compact: Coleman Outdoor Compact Folding Table

  • Steel frame, aluminum topcoleman outdoor compact folding table
  • Weighs 10 lbs, supports about 50 lbs
  • Snap-together design
  • Carry bag included


  • Folds down to next to nothing
  • Remarkably stable for a table this size
  • Typical Coleman quality throughout


  • Seating four people at this table at once would be pushing things

Sporting a solid and sturdy build, the Coleman Outdoor Compact Table is a perfect small outdoor dining table. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around thanks to its folding design and carrying bag. It’s probably the most stable foldable camping table out there for its size.

It boasts a strong steel frame and aluminum top that rolls up for compact storage. With its snap-together design, it’s quick and easy to set up and break down. It’s supposed to seat four people but we’d say it’s better suited to two.

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Best with storage: Camp Field Camping Table

  • Durable aluminum alloy framecamp field camping table
  • Weighs 15 lbs, supports up to 66 lbs
  • Storage compartments with insect barrier
  • Adjustable height
  • Locks for stability
  • Foldable, with carry handle


  • Easy to carry, set up, and take down
  • Lots of underneath storage space
  • Adjustable height


  • The top is not waterproof

The Camp Field Camping Table provides both table space and storage options, too. With a width of 18 inches, it accommodates a good range of items.

Like most quality camp tables, the Camp Field is adjustable and a breeze to set up; just push on the buttons to lift or lower the height to your preferred level. The aluminum alloy frame provides stability and also makes it pretty easy to fold up.

It comes with a zippered carton storage compartment where food items can be stored.

See Camp Field Camping Table on Amazon

Lightest table: Helinox Table One Lightweight Camping Table

  • Aluminum alloy frame, soft rip-stop polyester tophelinox table one lightweight camping table
  • Weighs 1.5 lbs, holds up to 110 lbs
  • UV-resistant, machine-washable top
  • Internal bungee cord self-assembles poles
  • Two recessed cup holders
  • Collapsible, includes carry bag


  • Incredibly lightweight, packs small
  • Easy and fast to set up and take down
  • Durable, sturdy construction
  • Cup holders are a nice addition


  • Non-adjustable height
  • Needs a fairly flat surface to be stable

If you’re looking for an ultralight camping table, check out the Helinox Table One. Weighing less than 1.5 pounds but capable of holding up to 110 pounds, this collapsible camp table is a versatile product that provides a good amount of space.

It folds into a compact size that packs away into a convenient carry bag. Once set up, a firm yet soft mesh top combined with rip-stop polyester material is revealed. This material reliably resists harsh weather conditions as well as UV rays, providing all-around durability. It holds flat on the strong aluminum frames. In the middle, there are two cup holders for cups measuring up to 12oz in size.

Setting the table up is quite easy; it’s a simple matter of connecting the poles.

See Helinox Table One Lightweight Camping Table on Amazon

Best organization: Camp Chef Sherpa Table

  • Telescoping aluminum legs, 600 denier polyester topcamp chef sherpa table
  • Four zippered compartments, one serves as a sink
  • Padded carry handles
  • Side pouch for transportation of tabletop
  • Lower divider fits Mountain Series camp stove


  • Lots of storage space
  • Excellent organization
  • Sturdy and well-made, should last for years


  • On the heavier side
  • Table legs can be tricky to pull out

The Camp Chef Sherpa Table is a portable cook station with a collapsible design and useful compartment organizers. Featuring a pull-out aluminum top that can be used as a food prep space or a table, this is a durable, sturdy camp dining table, though a small one. Four different colored compartments help to store food items, kitchen utensils, plates, and cups, and the blue one can serve as a sink thanks to its waterproof lining.

The Camp Chef comes with telescoping legs that extend out of the box-shaped table. However, they’re not height-adjustable. There are also side padded carry handles for easy transportation and the whole thing can be easily packed away by taking apart the frame and table legs and storing them inside the bag.

We believe this is the best small camping table and organizer on the market.

See Camp Chef Sherpa Table on Amazon

Best card table: ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

  • Steel and 600 denier polyester constructionalps mountaineering eclipse table
  • Weighs 7 lbs, holds around 50 lbs
  • Foldable double-level design
  • Four cup holders, side pocket organizers
  • Buckle and strap system for adjustability
  • Carry bag included


  • Lightweight yet well-made and sturdy
  • Two-tier design provides more storage space
  • Easy to set up and take down


  • Can’t really pull your chair up to it
  • A “busy” look that not everyone will find attractive

Made from 600D polyester fabric and steel, and sporting a dual-level design, the ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table is incredibly durable and provides lots of storage despite its compact size. The top level can be used for food and board games, while the lower one can hold your beverages or other smaller items.

This portable table unfolds easily. You can pull it open like a camp chair and then adjust the tautness of the table top using the buckle and strap system. With a 27-inch surface, the square table top provides a decent-sized platform for your camp food. Having the drink holders underneath the main table surface has the benefit of aiding in stability by lowering the table’s center of gravity. There are also side pockets for extra storage space.

If you’re looking for something equally durable and stable but bigger, check out this ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table.

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Affordable and foldable: Trekology Portable Folding Camping Table

  • Weather-resistant aluminum constructiontrekology portable folding camping table
  • Small model weighs 1.8 lbs, supports up to 50 lbs
  • Anti-slip leg caps and rubber feet
  • Foldable design, carry bag included


  • Ultra-lightweight table
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Quick and simple to assemble


  • Smaller than it looks in the photos
  • Not the most stable camp table out there

The Trekology Portable Camping Table is a small and lightweight camp table that sets up in less than a minute. Featuring a weather-resistant aluminum frame and tabletop, it’s rugged and relatively stable for its size. But stability and strength are not Trekology’s main selling points, the ultra-lightweight and portable design is.

Weighing less than two pounds (the small model), this is one of the lightest portable camp tables out there. And because it neatly folds into its carry bag, it’s super-easy to transport and store. It’s not intended to be the table your group eats off, it’s intended to be set up in front of your camping chair to hold whatever it is you don’t necessarily want to set on the ground. It’s actually small and lightweight enough that even those on a trek deep into the wilderness might consider taking it along.

See Trekology Portable Folding Camping Table on Amazon

Most versatile: Lifetime Height Adjustable Camp Table

  • Powder-coated steel and polyethylene plasticlifetime height adjustable camp table
  • Weighs less than 20 lbs, holds up to 200 lbs
  • Four height-adjustable settings
  • Stain resistant surface
  • Folds in half, includes carry handle


  • Super versatile, height-adjustable table
  • Durable and well-made yet affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • As it’s only 24 inches wide it can become unstable in the wind
  • On the heavier side

Lifetime Height Adjustable Camp Table is a fairly large folding table intended for social gatherings at the seashore or in the campground. It’s durable, opens up to a comfortable height, will hold a fair amount of food, and folds down pretty small. It also has a carry handle for easy transportation.

While heavier than most camping tables on our list, the Lifetime table does have the highest rated weight capacity: up to 100 pounds of center load and up to 200 pounds evenly distributed. But maybe the best thing about this table is that it has a slew of other applications as well. Aside from a large camp table, you can use it to augment your kitchen setup during big holiday get togethers, display items during a yard sale, or put it to work as a craft table.

See Lifetime Height Adjustable Camp Table on Amazon

Most stable: Mountain Summit Gear Roll-Top Table

  • Steel frame and aluminum roll-topmountain summit gear roll-top table
  • Weighs 15 lbs, supports up to 70 lbs
  • Foldable design, stores in carry bag
  • Large surface area, seats four people


  • Sturdy and stable camp table
  • Large enough to seat multiple people
  • Folds up small, easy to store and transport


  • Plastic leg sliders are somewhat flimsy

With a steel frame and aluminum roll-top, the Mountain Summit Gear camp table is large, tough, and stable. It is compact when folded but it’s not height-adjustable.

Weighing only 15 pounds, it has a weight capacity of 70 pounds thanks to its steel frame. It may not be the fastest-to-set-up camping table on this list, but it’s still really quick and easy to assemble for a table this size.

The table folds up and is stored in a carry bag which is included in the purchase. The only things that could use a bit of improvement are the leg sliders, they’re plastic so you do need to be a little careful when taking it up or down if you want it to last you for a few years.

See Mountain Summit Gear Roll-Top Table on REI

Why trust us

We relied on old-school field testing, extensive market research, and good product recommendations to bring you the best camping tables. Our team of outdoor experts has put numerous camp tables through the wringer over the years.

Who this is for

This guide is for anyone looking for the best camping table for their next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re after a compact and ultralightweight camp table you can take anywhere with you, or a larger folding table that can accommodate your entire family, you’ll find a suitable table here.

How we picked

Selecting the best camp tables for this guide was mostly a matter of testing and comparing the best-selling models. We evaluated the quality, ease of use, and specific features to pick out the best ones for a variety of uses and budgets. We also read hundreds of customer reviews and user impressions on several different forums

How we tested

We tested some of the camping tables in this guide by taking them on road trips and prepping food, cooking, and playing cards on them.

camping table and camping chair

Features to look for in camping tables

Stability and durability

A good camping table should be durable and stable, able to support items without wobbling or tipping. However, the sturdiest tables are also typically the heaviest, so you want to strike a balance here and aim for a model that’s stable enough for your needs without being too bulky or heavy. You also want a table made of durable materials like aluminum or steel, and not plastic.

Portability and size

Another key component is portability. Look for a table that is relatively lightweight and easy to carry. At a minimum, it should have a carrying handle, but ideally, you’ll get a carrying bag too. Typically, the smaller the table, the more lightweight it will be.

Weight capacity

You want to make sure that your camping table can support the number of items or amount of food you plan on placing on it. Usually, higher weight capacity means a heavier and bulkier table. There is no need to go for a table with super-high weight capacity (over 60 pounds) if you plan on using it for playing cards and eating snacks. However, if you plan on using your camp table as a cooking station and table for multiple people, definitely focus on models with higher weight ratings (around 100 pounds or more).

Ease of setup

A camping table should be quick and easy to set up regardless of its size, although small tables will typically be easier to both setup and break down than their larger counterparts. The best camping tables should take one person about a minute to set up and stow away. Of course, larger and more elaborate camping tables will take longer than that, however, if you plan on staying for several days in one campsite, spending 15 to 20 minutes setting up and breaking down a table shouldn’t be a problem.

Extra features

Are you looking for a simple portable camping table to eat at or a table with compartment organizers for your camp stove and cooking utensils? There are tables with lots of extra features like cup holders, storage chests, pocket organizers, etc. Typically, the more ‘extras’ a table has, the pricier and more complex it is to set up. The best camping table is the one that best suits your particular needs and budget.

friends having lunch on camping table

Camping table FAQ

Q: Is a camping table necessary?

No, a camping table is more of a luxury item than a necessity in the outdoors. That said, if you’re able to bring a camp table along with you, we highly recommend you do it. A good portable camping table is highly versatile and great for preparing and cooking food, eating, and playing games on.

Q: How do I set up a camping table?

Camp tables are available in various sizes and styles, so their setup will depend on their design. While many take just two or three simple moves, others may require a more elaborate setup process. The instruction manual provided should shed more light on exactly how to set up your camp table.

Q: Can you leave a camping table outside?

You should be able to leave any camping table worth its salt outside for a couple of days. However, since not all camp tables are weather-resistant (especially the cheaper models), it’s best to avoid leaving your table outside in the rain or under harsh UV light for an extended period. To err on side of caution, it’s best to cover or stow away your table when it’s not in use.

Q: How do you reinforce a table to hold more weight?

Before you purchase a camping table, make sure it’s strong enough for your needs, because overloading it is not recommended. While you could modify your camp table to make it more durable (reinforce the frame, use L-brackets to strengthen the joints, etc.) it’s more than likely you’ll also end up increasing its weight and making the setup more complex, which will make it less portable. The easiest way to make a table more stable and increase its load capacity is to place it on a flat, even surface and put more of the weight over the legs and not the center.