The Best Emergency Survival Kits For 2022

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Emergency survival summons scary images of stumbling deep in the forest, navigating by compass, and building a shelter from tree branches. However, survival doesn’t always mean you’re lost in the wilderness. A survival situation can happen next to a busy highway, or even in your own home. To prepare for the worst, you can invest in the best emergency survival kits.

Survival kits don’t have one particular shape or a strict list of contents. They depend on your personal needs, where you live, what disasters exist in your area, and so much more. You should use these suggestions below as a base and customize them to suit you. Keep in mind, the best emergency kits should have materials that can support you for weeks.

The best emergency survival kit

Top Choice: Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Kit

sustain supply co. premium emergency survival kit

  • 72-hour supply of water, food, and gear for two people
  • Four sustain survival water filtration straws
  • Portable stove, two bowls, and utensils
  • Light and heating equipment
  • Survival gear
  • First aid survival kit
  • Hygiene products


  • Large backpack but comfortable to carry
  • High-quality cooking equipment
  • Five-year item shelf life


  • May be too expensive for ‘casual’ demands

Boasting a variety of dependable and ingenious emergency supplies, the Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Kit is our choice for the best emergency kit. Packed with 72-hour sustainability, this kit covers all your bases. Clean water is vital in an emergency, and this kit comes with four water filtration straws.

The large survival backpack holds a range of materials including 24 servings of food, water, lights, a first aid kit, emergency blankets, portable stove and kitchen equipment, knives, whistles, firestarters, and hygienic supplies. These items make it a fantastic choice for serious emergency demands or for larger groups, but they may feel like overkill for some.

The supplies boast an impressive five-year shelf life and you can easily replace anything that expires. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but if the need ever arises, this pack won’t let you down.

See Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Kit on Amazon

Great for four people: Emergency Zone 4 Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit

emergency zone 4 person 72 hour emergency survival kit

  • 72-hour survival kit for four people
  • Emergency preparedness guidebook included
  • Food and water supplies
  • Water purification system
  • Hygiene and sanitation products
  • Light and communication
  • Weather protection and survival gear
  • Shelter and first aid


  • Suitable for a range of disasters
  • Includes lots of hygiene products
  • Breathable mesh back


  • Some items feel a little cheap and basic for a survival kit

As a premium emergency kit, this comes with all the essentials you’ll need for a variety of survival scenarios. All the supplies are contained in a durable and nondescript heavy-duty backpack. It’s big enough and tough enough to carry all of your first aid supplies, water, meal replacement bars, food, and other extras.

Even if you don’t feel entirely ready for a disaster, you can read up and learn more with the provided Emergency Guidebook. The kit includes a range of food and water supplies, as well as water purification, shelter, and first aid. This makes it suitable for a variety of disasters.

However, some of the equipment may feel a little basic, especially if you are experienced with survival scenarios. This may be one of the best emergency kits, but we recommend customizing it for your needs and upgrading items as needed.

See Emergency Zone 4 Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit on Amazon

See Emergency Zone 4 Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit on Walmart

Compact and lightweight: EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit

everlit 250 pieces survival first aid kit

  • Water-resistant backpack
  • Firestarter included
  • High-lumen tactical flashlight
  • First aid equipment
  • Quick-release rip-away EMT pouch
  • Comprehensive interior organization


  • Comprehensive setup
  • Customized by US veterans
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Only suitable for one-time use

A perfect choice for hunting and outdoor survival, the EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit delivers high-quality equipment and supplies. It is one of the most comprehensive options on our list, with a wide range of essentials that have been specially selected by US veterans. The waterproof backpack makes it ideal for all conditions. This kit also includes a fire starter, a crucial addition. There are also high-lumen tactical flashlights.

Its intuitive and organized design is also one of the best we have come across. Everything has its place and packs in perfectly to make whatever you need easy to retrieve. Even though it is densely packed, it’s still lightweight.

Other helpful materials include a first aid kit, glow sticks, a multi-tool, a paracord bracelet with a compass, a knife, and one thermal survival blanket. As with many emergency survival kits, it may only be suitable for one-time use. Plan to check for expired goods or replacement needs every year.

See EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit on Amazon

See EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit on Walmart

Best for earthquakes: Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag

redfora complete earthquake bag

  • Designed for two people for a three-day period
  • Food and water, purification tablets
  • Hand crank flashlight
  • Shelter and warmth supplies
  • Full hygiene kit
  • Radio and phone charger
  • Range of sizes available


  • Radio included in the kit
  • A comprehensive list of supplies
  • Suitable for charging smartphones


  • Heavier than other options

As the Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag is available in a wide range of sizes. It is the most versatile option around –- great for a single person or an entire family of five.

It comes with everything you would expect from a comprehensive kit. You have your food and water, as well as a hand-crank flashlight (no need for batteries). It is also suitable for charging devices such as your iPhone, should you need to get in touch with someone. Shelter and warming supplies are included, if you have to spend the night outdoors.

The multi-tool is an excellent addition. A full hygiene kit will keep people healthy while sleeping bags and emergency ponchos will keep everyone warm at night. The backpack also includes supplies you never considered including items like a sewing kit, glow sticks, gloves, and goggles. All of these supplies add up, though, and this kit is heavier than other options of the same size.

This is a far cry from a compact kit but is more likely to provide a comfortable and safe environment. The added weight means it may not be ideal for cross-country travel on foot, but if you are sheltering in place during natural disasters like a hurricane or can split the weight, there’s no better kit.

See Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag on Amazon

Loaded & compact kit for one: Luxmom Emergency Survival Kit

luxmom emergency survival kit

  • Compact MOLLE pouch
  • 21 multipurpose survival tools
  • Extensive first aid kit
  • Four fire-starting sticks
  • Fishing tools
  • Safety whistle


  • Packed with gear and tools but compact
  • High-quality parts and equipment
  • Suitable for a range of emergencies


  • Not as comprehensive as other emergency survival kits

Compact and comprehensive, the Luxmom Emergency Survival Kit is an ideal companion for any survival gear you may already stock. It is also entirely compiled by survival experts, making it something you can trust. While small, it packs plenty of useful tools that could mean the difference between survival and disaster. These tools include essentials like a three-mode flashlight, a first aid kit, fire-starting tools, a military knife and multi-tool axe, safety pins, a safety whistle, and even a fishing kit.

All of these components are constructed from high-quality materials, so you can trust each and every tool to perform well. With its compact size, this kit is missing out on a few items that would be useful for larger families or groups, like water and food rations. You may only use this as an additional survival kit on top of something you already own, and the first aid kit could use some additions. However, if you’re a lone-wolf type who wants to be prepared when exploring the great outdoors, then you are unlikely to find anything that matches the convenience and portability of this survival kit.

See Luxmom Emergency Survival Kit on Amazon

Best for couples: Emergency Zone The Essentials Survival 72-Hour Kit

emergency zone the essentials survival 72 hour kit

  • Range of repair and construction tools
  • Food and water plus purification
  • Shelter equipment
  • First aid kit
  • Weatherband radio
  • Hygiene products
  • Two or four-person sizes


  • Batteries and radio included
  • A versatile kit for any situation
  • Neat and compact arrangement


  • Medical supplies are not as plentiful as other options

One of the best home emergency kits is the Emergency Zone Essentials Survival 72-Hour Kit. It is available for either two or four people, although you could buy multiple products to suit larger households. If you’re single and worried about surviving longer, this is a great option for twice the amount of survival gear.

Inside, there is a range of repair and construction tools, including a multi-tool knife, safety goggles, and even a pack of cards to pass the time. There’s a first aid kit, while the shelter equipment is useful if you’re ever forced from your home. However, these medical supplies are not as plentiful as in other kits, so it’s worth creating a backup plan just in case. It includes water purification tablets and the hygiene gear will keep you feeling fresh during the apocalypse. It all comes in a neatly arranged backpack that’s very portable, providing a versatile kit suitable for just about any emergency.

See Emergency Zone The Essentials Survival 72-Hour Kit on Amazon

See Emergency Zone The Essentials Survival 72-Hour Kit on Walmart

Best for families and large groups: ER Emergency Ready 10 Person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit

er emergency ready 10 person ultimate deluxe survival kit

  • Three-day water and food supply for 10 people
  • Durable plastic containers
  • Weather radio
  • Food bars
  • Snap-on toilet seat
  • Water purification tablets
  • Survival tools


  • Suitable for home and office
  • USB charging port and radio
  • OSHA approved


  • Some items are not the best quality

If you’re after the very best survival kit for your home or office, the ER Emergency Ready 10-Person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit provides everything you could need. It comes in a range of sizes, whether you need it for two people or ten people. This variety makes it ideal for a range of demands, including families, schools, and offices, among plenty of others.

As a complete survival kit, it features food bars, water purification tablets, and survival tools. There’s even a clip-on toilet seat. However, despite such a wide range of items, some of them are not as high quality as we’d like.

It’s OSHA-approved, so you can trust that the kit is safe to use in the workplace. In case the power goes out, the USB charging port will keep you connected to the world for a little longer.

See ER Emergency Ready 10 Person Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit on Amazon

Good base kit: First My Family All-in-One Two-Person Survival Kit

  • Supply for two people for up to three daysFirst My Family All-in-One Two-Person Survival Kit
  • Waterproof and compact backpack
  • Two ponchos and Mylar space blankets
  • Multi-function camping tool
  • 30-piece first aid kit


  • Great value emergency backpack
  • Easily portable
  • Comes with a LED flashlight


  • Decent starter kit but not suitable for more demanding survival requirements

This First My Family All-in-One Two-Person Survival Kit is a great base kit to start your emergency kit. There are several sizes available, ranging from a one-person to a four-person kit; the four-person kit is also available with a life straw to filter water.

This kit comes with 72 hours’ worth of clean drinking water for one to four people, and there are food rations to stop those rumbling stomachs. The shelter equipment will be useful should you find yourself outside, but you can also use it in the home if you encounter a broken window and can’t get outside to find a better place to stay. It’s portable thanks to the red backpack and holds enough to make it a good starter kit. However, if you’re serious about survival, it is best to add to this kit and tailor it to your needs.

See First My Family All-in-One 2 Person Survival Kit on Amazon

Why trust us

I grew up on the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast. The areas surrounding Houston, Texas were home for much of my life and therefore severe thunderstorms, occasional tornadoes, yearly hurricanes, and tropical storms were the norm. When hurricanes kick up, you only get a few days to prepare, if that, and with tornadoes, you may only have minutes. That’s why it’s so crucial to have emergency kits, emergency supplies, and enough food and water for several weeks.

Who this is for

This guide is for anyone looking into an emergency preparedness kit for natural disasters or otherwise. Everyone should have an emergency preparedness kit. An extended unexpected power outage or especially strong thunderstorm can still be enough to have to break out a few emergency essentials.

How we picked

When selecting the best emergency kits, we wanted to ensure that each one had positive reviews and materials for all kinds of situations. Each kit needed to have first aid materials, a fire starter, and other survival essentials. Other key items include water and food rations. The best survival kits have a little bit of everything and can be tweaked to better serve your needs. We ensured best sellers were represented too.

emergency survival kits

Features to look for in emergency survival kits

With such a vast array of survival kits, we know it can be a challenge to choose which one is best for you. However, these key features should make your decision a little easier.


If your survival kit comes with a flashlight, then batteries may be essential unless it’s a hand-crank. Most kits will provide batteries to fit into the flashlight, but not all do. Before purchasing, make sure you know if it includes batteries, and if not, stock up.


Durability is an essential component of a survival kit. You want to guarantee the backpack or case can survive whatever you put it through. This means looking for options with excellent stitching or durable materials.

First aid kit

First aid kits will help you and your family overcome illness or injuries. There’s no telling what could happen in the event of an emergency, but small wounds (such as cuts or scrapes) could risk infection. While first aid kits won’t allow you to perform surgery, they are still useful, although it might be helpful to take a first aid course in preparation.

Food and drink

Food and drink are vital in a survival situation. When at home, you’ll likely have food in the fridge and cupboards, so you may not need to use this food and drink, but when supplies run out and water gets cut off, they could be crucial. To put yourself in an even better position, look for water purification tablets, or water filter straws.


Emergencies can happen anywhere. Because of this, it’s vital that the kit is portable, either as a backpack with straps or compact enough that you can slip it into a pocket without hindrance.

Shelf life

The shelf life of survival items is crucial but it’s something not everyone thinks about. Most food and drink are perishable, so look for long shelf lives on the products you purchase. The general rule is five years. Anything less than that should be replenished as needed.


Shelter equipment, including blankets and ponchos, will make surviving outside much more comfortable. You’ll also need a tarp, as well as a paracord, to stay protected. You can also use this shelter equipment to make small repairs around the house or other buildings where you take shelter, such as covering windows or doors in a storm.


It might seem like size and portability are similar, but while portability refers to how easy it is to carry the survival kit, size concerns how much gear comes in the kit. You need to find an option that provides enough food and drink for everyone in your group. Don’t risk skimping on the essentials.

Survival tools

From multi-tools to tactical pens and firestarters, a pack filled with survival tools is a must. However, you don’t want something that takes up too much space, so a versatile tool is key. Look for sturdy and dependable tools.


There is nothing worse than finding your entire survival kit drenched and ruined. A waterproof option will prevent such problems. This waterproofing will also keep the kit safe when moving and will ensure everything remains usable while you are striving to survive.

Types of emergency survival kits

One-person – A one-person kit is suitable for just one person.

Two-person – Two-person kits can also be used for one person if they want to maximize their survival gear, for additional peace of mind. Typically, these are backpacks with enough supplies for three days, but you can add more if you need them.

Four-person – Emergency survival kits for four people are ideal for families and should be easily identifiable in times of disaster. Often, they come with more gear compared to smaller options, including items you might not realize, such as dust masks and water purification.

Five or more – Ideal for offices, schools, and large families. Any kit that is appropriate for five or more people will provide plenty of survival gear, including food and drink. However, because of the size, they may not be as portable as you’d like. Switching the contents to your own backpack might be a better option in that case.

emergency survival kits

Emergency survival kit FAQ

Q: What is an emergency survival kit?

An emergency survival kit is a collection of items and tools that can help to keep you safe during a disaster scenario. They contain many essentials and will often provide enough to keep everybody alive for at least three days following a disaster. They come in many shapes and sizes, from compact one-person options to bigger family versions. Purchase an appropriate kit depending on your needs.

Key items to look for include: multi-tools, knives, first aid kits, food, and drinks. Safety blankets are also useful. However, there is a wide range of potential items you might find in a survival kit. You can often combine the contents of a survival kit with items around your home to make a comprehensive kit.

Q: Why do I need a survival kit?

A survival kit is a key part of emergency preparedness. Whether or not you have experienced natural disasters, there are chances of them occurring almost anywhere in the world and it’s important to be prepared. Even in a situation like a global pandemic, emergency kits can come in handy.

Q: What should a survival kit include?

A survival kit should include a first aid kit, a multi-tool, cutting implements, a first aid kit, other medical supplies, sleeping bags or other sleeping materials, emergency food, a radio, and ideally an emergency power station. If any members of your family rely on medical devices or medications, extra stores of those are a good call.

Q: Where should you store an emergency kit?

An emergency kit should be stored in a secure, safe location that is accessible to all family members. Think about vulnerable areas of your home that could become damaged and which areas might be most accessible if parts of your home are damaged. Bathrooms are a great choice for tornadoes, as are basements.

Q: How long should a survival kit last?

A high-quality survival kit should last long enough and have enough supplies to keep several people alive for several days, if not weeks. You should know what disasters your area is prone to. If you live in a hurricane-prone area and are often without power for up to two weeks at a time, you should have essential items and what you need on hand for up to two weeks.

If you live somewhere like Portland Oregon, as I do, where tornadoes or hurricanes are unlikely, you may think you’re in the clear, but that’s not true. We all need to have an earthquake kit on hand.

Q: Does my survival kit need to be waterproof?

Ideally, yes. The container your survival kit is contained in should be waterproof. Whether it’s protection from spills, snow, humidity, or rain, waterproof housing is a perfect start to the best emergency kits.


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