Beat Spring Showers: The Best Rain Boots for Men in 2022

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Nobody likes the feel of soggy feet. On the other hand, unless you’re working in a field, tromping around in giant rubber boots isn’t great either. Luckily, there are so many rain boots available that a model exists for every conceivable situation, from tilling the fields and stalking elk in the backcountry to going out for coffee.

That outstanding variety also means that it can be tough to wade through the virtual marketplace to find the right pair for you. So, we decided to do the work for you and find the best rain boots for men on the market. We researched and tested an array of boots and came up with the list below.

Reported weights are generally listed for a single size 9 men’s shoe. Weights that we verified on tested gear are noted.

Best style: Palladium Pampa Cuff WP Lux Rain Boots For Men

  • EVA midsole for support and comfortPalladium Pampa Cuff WP Lux Rain Boots For Men
  • Rust-resistant steel eyelets
  • Padded cuff and tongue
  • Waterproof leather construction
  • Looks like a high-end fashion boot

Let’s be honest, all of these are waterproof boots, but they don’t all have the style or comfort of a boot that you’d want to wear all the time. One of the more stylish rain boots, the Palladium Pampa Cuff WP Lux Rain Boots For Men, perform well in the rain and look great.

The boot looks like a high-end fashion or motorcycle boot, but the waterproof leather and sealed seams make them totally waterproof. The stainless-steel eyelets look sharp and are rust-resistant, and the textured lugs on the outsole keep you from taking a spill on wet, slick surfaces.

Over the past few months, the tester pair I’ve been wearing have broken in well to provide a comfortable fit. They’ve kept my feet dry in both rain and a soak test with a hose. I’m particularly fond of the padded tongue and ankle cuff, which adds a touch of luxury to the boot. They look so good I’ve been wearing them all around town, whether it’s raining or not. Read the in-depth review here.

See Palladium Pampa Cuff WP Lux Rain Boots For Men on Amazon

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Runner up: Sperry Top-Sider Decoy Rain Boots For Men

  • Siped outsoles provide excellent tractionSperry Top-Sider Decoy Rain Boots For Men
  • Durable leather strap laces
  • Removable rubber insole
  • Waterproof leather and rubber construction
  • Available in five colors

Sperry Footwear always strikes a balance between form and function, and its Decoy Rain Boots For Men are no exception. Combining a contrast-stitched leather upper with a bombproof rubber lower and gum sole gives the Decoy a distinct, slick-looking aesthetic. At the same time, the cushy insole keeps feet comfortable during all-day wear. The fit and feel of my tester pair were fantastic, due in part to the malleable leather upper and soft insole. I walked around for hours in these shoes with zero hotspots or discomfort. During the rainy days and soak tests, the shoes kept my feet bone-dry.

Between the comfort, waterproofing, and that sweet Sperry style, these boots easily make this list. But the addition of the siped outsole puts it near the top. Siping, often used in car tires, is basically a series of small cuts or notches in an outsole that increases contact surface area and provides unreal traction. I’ve walked down steep, ice-covered driveways in siped outsoles without losing grip, and the Decoy’s soles sport the same tech. I have yet to find an ice-covered driveway here in California, but when I travel somewhere icy, you can bet I’ll be wearing these.

See Sperry Top-Sider Decoy Rain Boots For Men on Amazon


Best overall: Muck Wetland Rubber Premium Rain Boots For Men

  • 5mm neoprene fabric form comfort and flexibilityMuck Wetland Rubber Premium Rain Boots For Men
  • 100% waterproof with heat retention and shock absorption properties
  • Durable rubber soles
  • Adjustable stretch-fit Comfort Topline reduces blisters and chafing
  • Air mesh lining wicks away moisture

We had to go with a classic for the best overall pick: the Muck Wetland Rubber Premium Rain Boots For Men. These knee-high rubber rain boots offer serious protection from the elements, along with serious comfort to boot. The waterproofing comes from the rubber and neoprene exterior. The 5mm neoprene offers a huge amount of insulation and provides a comfort rating down to minus 20°F.

The lightweight EVA midsole provides a great mix of support and comfort. The calf-high rubber overlay provides added protection from rocks, sticks, and brush when tromping through the backcountry. All that tromping can heat a boot’s interior, so Muck added a breathable air mesh lining to help wick away sweat, and the neoprene upper rolls down when the weather warms up. It’s a premium boot for a premium price, but if you’re looking for a rain boot that can handle anything you throw at it, this is the one.

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Best low-cut rain boot: Muck Boot Jobber Rain Boots For Men

  • Synthetic and fabric constructionMuck Boot Jobber Rain Boots For Men
  • Rubber insole
  • Pull-on design
  • Non-slip wave and pebble outsole tread
  • One-year limited warranty

This list wouldn’t be complete without showcasing this little gem from Muck Boot. Built as an easy-on solution for trekking through sloppy conditions, this ankle-high slip-on boot punches well above its…height.

The entire lower body of the boot is seamless rubber, making it completely waterproof, with a flexible neoprene cuff upper that makes it simple to put on and take off. The neoprene also allows the boot to breathe, keeping the boot cool in temps up to 75°F and warm in sub-freezing temperatures. The outsole tread is a combination of pebble and wave patterns, providing traction in various conditions. If you’re looking for short rain boots for men, these are a great option.

See Muck Boot Jobber Rain Boots For Men on Amazon


Best lightweight rain boot: Tretorn Men’s Gus Rain Boot

  • Completely rubber constructionTretorn Men’s Gus Rain Boot
  • Waterproof ankle elastic
  • Pull-on design
  • Removable rubber insole

If you want to wear waterproof shoes without looking like you’re ready to wade through a marsh, the Tretorn Men’s Gus Rain Boot is a great option. This pair of waterproof rubber boots are disguised as a fashion ankle boot. The Gus blends a low-profile style with a completely watertight exterior. This is thanks to the entire rubber construction, which eliminates any seams that may potentially allow leakage. Even the easy-entry elastic ankle coverings are waterproof.

These ankle rain boots are unlined, so don’t expect them to provide any insulation, but the rubber insole is removable for easy cleaning. Overall, the low-profile style of this rain boot is what makes it stand out.

See Tretorn Men’s Gus Rain Boot on Amazon

Best cold-weather rain boot: Kamik Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot

  • Rated to temperatures down to -40°FKamik Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot
  • Drawstring cuff
  • Textured toe box for added grip
  • Deep sole ridges for traction in snow
  • Self-cleaning outsole
  • 100% rubber

Designed to help you tromp through the coldest conditions without losing a toe to frostbite, the Kamik Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot is ready for rain, sleet, ice, and snow. Built like a classic rain boot with a seamless one-piece rubber exterior, the Icebreaker dials up the heat with an 8mm Zylex liner that gives it a comfort rating down to minus 40°F.

The grippy rubber outsole design grips wet and icy surfaces and they are self-cleaning so won’t get slick with snow after a few feet. To prevent rain from coming in over the top (or snow getting in if you’re post-holing), the fabric cuff sports a drawstring so you can seal the top. If you need a boot that’ll keep your feet dry in the coldest conditions, give the Icebreaker a good, hard look.

See Kamik Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot on Amazon

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Best bargain: Tingley Economy Rain Boot

  • Cleated outsole for better tractionTingley Economy Rain Boot
  • 100% waterproof
  • Flexible and durable upper construction
  • 30% recycled material upper

Looking for men’s tall rain boots that won’t break the bank? Tingley’s has got you covered with its Economy Rain Boot. The only shoe on this list that costs less than $20, this tough boot is built for rugged wear in nasty conditions. The boot’s construction is injection-molded PVC with zero seams so that the only way water will get in is if you fall in a lake.

A self-clearing cleated outsole provides consistent traction in slop and mud and is abrasion-resistant. The upper, made with 30% recycled materials, keeps its flexibility in cold temperatures to make walking easier. The removable cushion insole wicks away sweat to keep your feet dry and comfortable. It’s not the fanciest boot on this list, but if you can do without the bells and whistles, this pair will get the job done for a fraction of the price.

See Tingley Economy Rain Boot on Amazon


Best steel-toed rain boots: Servus Comfort Technology 14in Rain Boot

  • Steel toeServus Comfort Technology 14in Rain Boot
  • 100% waterproof
  • Cushioned insole
  • Scalloped toe box
  • PVC upper

If rain boots are a requirement for work, you’re likely going to want a sturdy pair of steel-toe boots. The Servus Comfort Technology 14in Rain Boot is your huckleberry. Built with agriculture workers in mind, these steel toe boots are built for long hours in the sloppiest conditions. The PVC polyblend injection-molded upper is not only completely waterproof, but it’s also resistant to chemicals, fertilizer, and animal waste.

That takes care of the sloppy conditions. But how’s it going to feel during an eight-plus-hour workday? Pretty damn good, it turns out. That’s thanks to the scalloped top line, which flexes with the foot, and the lightweight foot form contour cushion insole, which provides arch and heel support. The insole is also removable for easy cleaning and/or replacement.

See Servus Comfort Technology 14in Rain Boot on Amazon

See Servus Comfort Technology 14in Rain Boot on Walmart


How we tested and why you can trust us

To give you an in-depth look at each rain boot on this list, I researched the best products online, recalled the boots and boot features that I’ve used in the past, and called in a few pairs to test and evaluate any pieces that were new to me. I rounded out my first-person impressions with user reviews online.

I’m an avid outdoorsman and have covered footwear and outdoor apparel for over a decade.

Who this is for

This article is intended for people who are looking to find the best rain boots for an array of situations. I found rain boots that would suit a variety of needs and priorities in a range of environments.

How we picked

I tried to find rain boots that would be useful in all kinds of situations and for various priorities, environments, and budgets. I looked at water resistance, comfort, price, traction, and aesthetics.

You can choose a pair of rain boots on this list to use as daily shoes, for winter hiking, and even in industrial and agricultural settings.

I categorized them according to what priorities readers may be looking for in a good pair of rain boots.

people wearing rain boots

Features to look for in rain boots for men

Weather protection

First and foremost, rain boots need to be waterproof. As the name implies, a rain boot needs to keep your feet dry when it’s wet outside. Look for boots made with waterproof materials like treated leather or rubber, with sealed seams to keep the water out.


Even the most waterproof shoes are no good if they are too uncomfortable to wear. Look for rain boots with a supportive yet cushioned insole to keep your feet comfortable for long periods on your feet.


Generally, the lighter the boot, the less fatigue you’ll have walking around in it. However, the materials required to make an extremely waterproof rain boot tend to be heavier than you’ll find in most footwear.

You can find most solid rain boots in the one to two pound range.


How tall a rain boot needs to be usually depends on the type of environment you’ll be walking in.

For most in-town use, a boot that ends around the mid-shin or just above the ankle will do the trick.

If you are tromping through mud or backcountry, you’ll likely need a taller boot to prevent deeper water or mud from creeping in over the top.


Since water and especially ice tend to make surfaces slicker, you’re going to need a good amount of traction.

For concrete and other hard surfaces, look for a shoe with siping or especially sticky rubber in the outsole.

If you walk through wet dirt, mud, or snow, look for boots with deeper, more aggressive lugs.


Many rain boots only consist of a waterproof outer shell with minimal lining. If you’re not planning to walk around in near-freezing temps, you should be good to go with a nice, thick pair of socks.

If you’re going to be in icy places, look for a pair of boots with a liner made of insulative material like neoprene.

We have a few boots on this list that are rated down to -20°F and -40°F. A good pair of hunter rain boots will generally sport insulation in this range to keep the freeze at bay during cold weather hunts.


When it comes to the best water boots, a waterproof exterior is key.

Rubber or PVC is extremely waterproof, so those are going to be safe bets. Look for a pair with either a one-piece rubber or PVC material or at least one with a rubber lower.

For places where deep puddles and heavy rain are the exceptions, not the rule, a seam-sealed leather boot can work as well.


Unless you’re looking at a specific use (for instance, hunters may prefer camouflage rain boots), style is generally a matter of preference.

I’m not out in the backcountry as much, so I prefer a shoe that works well with casual wear, like Sperrys or Palladiums.

If you’re out in the wild, style should take second place to the boot’s waterproofness.

Sizing and fit

Many boots will fit true to size but keep an eye out for user reviews on how they fit specific types of feet. Doing so is especially important if you have a particularly wide or narrow foot.

Some rain boots only come in full sizes, so you may need to go up a half size and pad the interior with thicker socks.


Just like any shoe, rain boots can get swampy and stinky in addition to muddy. You should be able to hose any grime off the boot’s exterior without any issue, but the interior may require a deodorizer if you want to store them in the house.

Removable insoles are a plus since they can be taken out and washed (or replaced if they become too noxious).

rain boots

Rain boots for men FAQ

Q: Can you wear rain boots all day?

A: Yes, you can wear them as long as you like. Some boots are more comfortable for all-day use, but they are generally intended to be worn for long periods of time.

Q: Are you supposed to wear socks with rain boots?

A: Absolutely. Socks not only keep your feet warmer but also reduce the amount of friction on your feet, which keeps blisters to a minimum. They also minimize any toxic odors emanating from the boots after long periods of use.

Q: Should you buy rain boots a size bigger?

A: You should generally buy rain boots true to size unless you are a half size, in which case you should go up to the next full size. For instance, if you wear a 10.5 shoe and they only offer full sizes, buy a size 11.

Q: What’s the difference between rain boots and galoshes?

A: Rain boots are designed to be worn on their own; a rain boot is a full shoe. Galoshes are coverings that you wear over your shoes to make them waterproof.

Q: Can I wear rain boots if it’s not raining?

A: Yes, you can wear rain boots if it’s not raining.

Q: Can you wear rain boots in the snow?

A: Since they’re waterproof, you can wear rain boots in the snow without getting wet. However, many rain boots don’t have the insulation required to keep your feet warm in sub-freezing temperatures.

If you’re going to wear rain boots in the snow, be sure to either wear thicker socks than usual or buy a pair of insulated rain boots.


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