Best Sleeping Bags For Overnight Adventures In 2022

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Whether you’re out for a leisurely weekend with the family or trekking through the Presidential Range in New Hampshire in mid-winter, you’ll need a sleeping bag that’s appropriate for the conditions.

From materials to filling, zipper quality, weight, temperature ratings, packability, size, and more, we cover all the pertinent details to let you pick the right bag for your next adventure. Many of the sleeping bags listed here are rated down to 30°F, 20°F, or even 0°F. But keep in mind if you’re snow camping in negative temperatures, backpacking, or plan to be using your sleeping bag every day, you might want to opt for a bag specialized for your activities.

The best sleeping bags

Best wearable sleeping bag: SITKA Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag

  • Front two-way zippersitka kelvin aerolite 30 sleeping bag
  • Lightweight and wearable
  • Rated to 30°F
  • Shaped footbox
  • Form-hugging mummy shape
  • Primaloft insulation

The SITKA Kelvin Aerolite Sleeping Bag topped our list for its versatility, fill, and warmth. While this bag is rated to 30°F, it is possible to use it in colder temps, but some extra layers may be required. The classic mummy shape locks in heat and the down keeps you toasty. I love that this bag is wearable. You can sit by the campfire with friends, hop in the tent and wake up to brew your coffee the next morning without leaving your bag. When you wear it, there’s a hidden hook to shorten the bag while walking. It attaches to the middle of the bag and easily unhooks to turn back into sleep mode.

This synthetic bag is designed for hunters but I used this bag for car, van, and tent camping. I have worn it around my house when I got cold too. A true premium sleeping bag, it features an adjustable hood, a shaped foot box, and a 20D denier polyester backer. Every zipper is functional in the interior and exterior and the main zipper is two-way.

See SITKA Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag on Amazon

See SITKA Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag on SITKA

Best system bag: Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 30 Degree

  • Three-in-one systembig agnes roxy ann 3n1 30 degree
  • Inner and outer bags with different temperature ratings
  • 650 fill down
  • Durable exterior
  • Attachment system for a sleeping pad
  • Great for side sleepers

Many of us have multiple sleeping bags with an array of temperature ratings so that we have an option no matter the weather. The Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 30 Degree is a modular bag system that removes the need for multiple sleeping bags and provides you with one quality system for any adventure. In this set, there is an inner bag and outer bag which can be combined in cold weather. Both bags easily attach to a sleeping pad too, so you won’t roll off your pad. When combined, the entire bag has a temperature rating of 0°F, while the inner bag boasts a temperature rating of 20°F and the outer 45°F.

Both down bags feature 650 fill power DownTek, are bluesign certified, and are water-resistant. The inner layer is a mummy bag shape and the outer is a classic rectangular sleeping bag. The inner bag mimics the sidewinder shape, perfect for side sleepers. The Roxy Ann is the women’s sleeping bag version of this system, and possibly the best women’s sleeping bag in general, but it is also available in long models and a men’s version.

See Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 30 Degree on Amazon

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See Big Agnes Roxy Ann 3N1 30 Degree on REI

Best double bag: Stoic Groundwork Double Sleeping Bag

  • 20°F temperature ratingstoic groundwork double sleeping bag
  • Synthetic water-repellent shell
  • Synthetic fill
  • Can unzip into two bags
  • Two stash pockets
  • Soft interior

The Stoic Groundwork Double Sleeping Bag has room for two, a perfect excuse to get your partner to snuggle more. This ends up being a heavy bag, weighing in at over four pounds, but it features a decent warmth-to-weight ratio for a double bag and a 20°F temperature rating. The water-resistant coating on the polyester shell helps keep out any potential moisture and synthetic insulation can still offer warmth when wet.

I love the internal stash pocket on either side. This bag fits folks up to 6ft tall. If during your trip you decided you’d rather sleep apart, you can split the bag into two for a good night’s sleep.

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See Stoic Groundwork Double Sleeping Bag on Backcountry

Best cross-over bag: Nemo Forte Synthetic Bag

  • Temperature rating of 20°Fnemo forte synthetic bag
  • Water-repellent finish
  • Primaloft synthetic insulation
  • Unzips into two bags
  • Zippered side vents
  • Draft collar
  • Pillow pocket

The Nemo Forte Synthetic Sleeping Bag is one of the top mummy bags and features a temperature rating of 20°F. This model ditched down insulation for Primaloft, an animal-friendly alternative. On warm nights, zippered side vents cool you down. On cold nights, the draft collar, mummy shape, and Primaloft really shine.

There is a pillow pocket, a limited lifetime warranty, a polyester ripstop shell, and 80% recycled materials in the insulation. We’re also big fans of the price.

See Nemo Forte Synthetic Bag on Backcountry

See Nemo Forte Synthetic Bag on Nemo

See Nemo Forte Synthetic Bag on REI

Best hooded bag: REI Co-Op Siesta 25 Hooded Sleeping Bag

  • BlueSign approved shell and fillrei co op siesta 25 hooded sleeping bag
  • Drawstring hood
  • Synthetic insulation
  • Two-way main zip
  • Draft tube
  • Available in regular and long

When it comes to bang for your buck, the REI Co-op Siesta 25 Hooded Sleeping Bag really shines. This option is one of our favorite unisex bags. This versatile sleeping bag is a great mid-range option with a rectangular shape and a 25°F temperature rating. The bag also features a water-resistant recycled polyester shell and insulation, making it an eco-friendly way to stay warm.

This is one of the best sleeping bags for camping but we don’t recommend it as a backpacking bag because it is rather heavy, weighing in at over four pounds. The warmth-to-weight ratio could be better but is still workable for such a budget-friendly bag.

See REI Co-Op Siesta 25 Hooded Sleeping Bag on REI

Budget buy: REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

  • Synthetic fill and outerrevalcamp sleeping bag
  • Tough zipping mechanism to secure closure
  • Included compression stuff sack
  • Neatly packs into its carry sack
  • Variety of designs and bright, vibrant colors

The REVALCAMP Indoor and Outdoor Sleeping Bag works in a wide range of temperatures. Measuring 30×71 inches, it is spacious enough and easy to enter and exit. There is enough room to turn around and find a comfortable sleeping position. The lightweight polyester is durable enough for tent and car camping but we wouldn’t recommend this bag on rough ground. While it provides a decent amount of warmth, this synthetic bag is best suited for summer camping or kid’s sleepovers.

This is a very compact bag. You simply need to push into its tough but flexible carrying bag and pull the cord. In a couple of seconds, your sleeping bag packs into a neat, light package that will easily fit inside your backpack. Easy to pack and easy to carry around, this bag is ideal for travel. Two bags can be zipped together to form a single double bag as required. This is a great option for large families.

See REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag on Amazon

Big, tall & roomy: TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

  • Padded zipper lining and shoulder openingteton sports celsius xxl sleeping bag
  • Staggered seam design
  • Brushed poly-flannel lining with a hollow fiberfill
  • Twin-bag joint locking system es
  • Interior pocket for valuables
  • Draft tubes

The TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag is an oversized, heavy-duty, warm bag with plenty of room to suit the most active sleeper. It features a poly-flannel lining with a hollow fiberfill for good insulation. There’s also a Super Loft Elite four-channel hollow fiber to shield you from the cold. Mind you, this is not a down sleeping bag, so we definitely don’t recommend it for winter camping.

The two bags can zip together to make room for couples and there is a durable shell. What’s more, the zipper lining and shoulder openings are padded to keep drafts out while the seams have a staggered design that evenly distributes fill to eliminate chill points. The zipper is constructed from tough metal, making it virtually unbreakable. It is self-repairing and snag-free and opens in both directions for easy access and maximum ventilation. There are internal pockets for small valuables. Overall, a great-quality mid-range sleeping bag that’s perfect for larger folks.

See TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag on Amazon

See TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag on Moosejaw

Best affordable for freezing temps: Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

  • 100% synthetic sleeping bagcoleman mummy sleeping bag
  • Rated to 10°F
  • Classic mummy sleeping bag
  • Insulated footbox
  • Thermolock draft tube
  • Synthetic fill

This mummy bag is rated to 0°F and delivers the kind of warmth and comfort you’d expect from a much more expensive bag. On top of that, it’s designed to accommodate people up to 6’2” tall and sports Thermalock technology that prevents heat loss through the zipper; a major issue with less well-made bags. It has a classic mummy bag profile that we find appealing.

Whether you’re a hunter or hard-core mountaineer, you’re going to find a lot to like. However, if you are a mountaineer, this is a better base camp bag, as you won’t want to carry all 6.5lbs to the summit.

The Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather is engineered to make the most of the heat your body generates. As with the very best extreme weather bags, everything here is designed to prevent your body heat from escaping and prevent drafts and cold air seepage. Through quilting, the insulation remains properly distributed. Add to that the Thermolock draft tube applied to the zipper and the drawstring around the form-fitting hood and you’ve got an excellent warm bag.

The shell is composed of durable ripstop polyester and there’s enough room inside for some freedom of movement. The five-year warranty is icing on the cake.

See Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag on Amazon

Most durable & budget-friendly: Coleman Big Basin Extreme

  • 100% polyester constructioncoleman big basin extreme
  • Coletherm hollow polyester insulation
  • Rated to 0°F
  • Includes compression stuff sack
  • Accommodates people up to 6’6″ tall

The Coleman Big Basin is another one of the company’s durable cold-weather sleepers. Rated to 0°F but recommended to 15°F, the Big Basin is made for big guys and girls and features plenty of quilted insulation that warms up quickly and retains the heat all night. The 75D diamond ripstop polyester shell is tough and wind-resistant and there’s a ton of space at the lower end of the bag to store sweaters or anything else you want to be nice and toasty come morning.

From the Thermolock technology that prevents warm air seepage, to the zipper, to the quilted construction that prevents fill from collecting in bunches and creating cold spots, this bag is built to keep heat where it’s needed. The ripstop polyester shell is also important in case you are forced to put your bag on the ground. The two-way zipper allows you to vent from the top or bottom to release excess heat and the whole thing stores neatly away in the accompanying stuff sack. An outstanding winter bag for the price, but it’s heavy at 8.2lbs, so it’s best for car camping and campsites that don’t require a hike.

See Coleman Big Basin Extreme on Amazon

See Coleman Big Basin Extreme on Coleman

See Coleman Big Basin Extreme on Dick’s Sporting Goods

Great for those over 6ft: Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag

  • Rated to 40°Fcoleman biscayne sleeping bag
  • 100% polyester construction
  • Brushed polyester cover and tricot fiber blend
  • No snag zipper
  • Great for people over 6ft

As the name suggests, this is a bag intended for warm weather use, although it will also keep you warm on nights when the temperature takes an unexpected dive. Rated down to 40°F, it is made with larger people in mind and is cut to accommodate folks up to 6’4”.

This three-season bag is durable, comfortable, and retains warmth effectively, but we don’t recommend trying this bag in freezing temperatures. The zipper utilizes Coleman’s proprietary zipping system that moves fabric out of the way to prevent snags, and the quilted, Fiberlock construction prevents the insulation from bunching and creating cold spots. There’s also the company’s QuickCord no-tie closure system for convenience.

Like other sleeping bags designed for three seasons, the Biscayne Big and Tall is fully machine washable, though this large bag will need to be cleaned in a full-sized washer. Weighing in at five pounds, it might not be the ideal bag to take on a long trek. But for those driving to the campsite it’s a solid choice.

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See Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag on Coleman

See Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag on Dick’s Sporting Goods

Why trust us

As an avid outdoorswoman, I spend many days a year camping. I’ve learned that without the appropriate sleeping bag for the temperature and weather, you are miserable. But the right one gives you a perfect night’s sleep.

Who this is for

This guide is for anyone who needs a sleeping bag. Most of these bags are great for three seasons but some are best only for warmer days. If you need a bag for the dead of winter, you may need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, we have a strong selection that serves a range of budgets, sizes, features, and activities.

How we picked

We started with our favorites and from there we looked at bestsellers on Amazon and outdoor-focused retailers. Once we had a solid batch to work from, we identified missing features for different user groups and budgets and found products to meet those needs.

How we tested

We tested camping in a camper van, a car, and a tent. The SITKA wearable sleeping bag even got worn indoors. My partner and I shared the double sleeping bag model, and we both tested the SITKA bag in a car and tent. I tried out the Big Agnes bag in the van and in a tent. These bags were tested in temperatures from 60°F to 27°F in locations around Washington and Oregon.

man relaxing in sleeping bag

Features to look for in sleeping bags


There are a couple of different sleeping bag shapes available. There are traditional rectangular bags, mummy bags, and some new shapes for side sleepers in ultralight bags. Each shape has its advantages, but traditional mummy bags are very popular. Mummy bags contour to your body best, helping the bag retain heat and minimize the chance of cold spots.


Most sleeping bags come in one size. However, humans aren’t all one size. Many mid-range and high-end sleeping bags now come in multiple sizes to accommodate taller humans. Be sure to check the fit guide and tech specs for your favorite sleeping bags and pay extra close attention if you are under 5’4″ or over 6′.


We cover insulation materials below, but what about the exterior? The exterior of most bags, whether it’s a down or synthetic, is often going to be ripstop nylon or polyester for durability. Ideally, look for a bag with water-repellent or water-resistant properties.

Insulation type

There are two main types of insulation in sleeping bags, synthetic and down. Materials in synthetic bags are often PrimaLoft or polyester fill. For backpacking and ounce counters, high warmth-to-weight ratio is a must. Synthetic bags have a higher warmth-to-weight ratio, meaning these bags are heavier and don’t pack down as well.

If you have a down bag and a bag with synthetic insulation both rated to 32°F, the down bag will pack down smaller and weigh less, making down the better choice for backpacking and ultralight sleeping bags. A down bag will have a fill power rating, which describes the quality of the down. The higher the number, the higher quality of the down. Look for a fill power of 600-800 for the highest quality bags.

Temperature rating

The temperature rating shows you what temperature you will be comfortable in. Temperature rating is a guideline, because everyone’s body and gear differ, but don’t stray too far from it. A 40°F bag will be uncomfortable in 15°F weather.


Sleeping bags don’t have many accessories but one must-have is a stuff sack or compression sack. Some bags may have a pillow pocket or stuffable pillow case, or even attachment systems for a sleeping pad.

girl sitting in a sleeping bag

Sleeping bag FAQ

Q: What is the best camping sleeping bag?

The best camping sleeping bag is going to depend on your size, the weather, your sleeping pad, and your most common sleeping position. There are so many variables and that’s why there are so many options. The best bags for summer camping will look different than the best backpacking bags and the best mummy bags.

Q: What is the top two-person sleeping bag?

The Stoic Groundwork Double is large enough to comfortably accommodate two adults and well-built enough to keep you both warm under all but the most extreme conditions. My partner and I loved this option.

Q: Why do some sleeping bags have a “mummy” shape?

Most folks who’ve never spent much time in a sleeping bag don’t understand why some are shaped like rectangles and some have a distinctive mummy shape. It all comes down to warmth. The colder it gets outside, the closer you’re going to want the insulation to your body. The goal of the bag is to prevent your body heat from dissipating or escaping. So a thick pile of insulation held close to the body –- as in a mummy bag –- retains heat best.


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