Bielecki and Berg: Last Chance on Langtang Lirung

With the jet stream finally lifting above the high summits, there is no time to waste, especially for those like Adam Bielecki and Felix Berg, with more than one climb scheduled before the end of the season.

After spending weeks bouldering around Base Camp to keep their muscles tuned during the poor weather, the pair have finally launched their summit assault on Langtang Lirung. This difficult peak is just a tune-up: The duo’s main goal this season is a new route on Annapurna’s NW Face, and the monsoon is just three weeks away. “If we want to go to Annapurna (and we do!), this is our last chance [for Langtang Lirung],” Bielecki reported.

Adam Bielecki buldering around Langtang Lirung Base Camp. Image by Adam Bielecki.

Adam Bielecki bouldering around Langtang Lirung Base Camp. Photo: Adam Bielecki

On their previous attempt, the two climbers set Camp 1, overcame some of the most remarkable difficulties of the route and reached 5,800m. Now, all they ask is decent weather. “The rest we can manage ourselves,” Bielecki wrote.

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