Bielecki, Golab, and “the Kids” Target New Karakorum Peaks

Ace Polish climbers Adam Bielecki and Janusz Golab have reached Karimabad, in northern Pakistan. But they’re not alone, they have teamed up with young guns Michal Czech, Maciek Kimel, and Wadim Jablonski.

The team arrived three days ago to fantastic weather and impressive views of Rakaposhi. Yesterday, they started their trek into the Karakorum.

Focused on climbing, the team has not been posting on social media, but Bielecki’s press team gave ExplorersWeb with some information about their plans.

“The idea is to explore and climb some virgin 6,000’ers and 7,000’ers around Gunj-e-Dur glacier in Shimal, always alpine-style,” they said.

Rakaposhi, shining under Karimabad’s blue skies. Photo: Janusz Golab


Before flying to Pakistan, Bielecki mentioned he was optimistic about his fitness. “He felt completely recovered and, after recently climbing in Peru, is in very good physical form,” his team said.
Bielecki shattered his heel two years ago, and the recovery took months. The pandemic and lockdowns didn’t help either. His recent trip to the Cordillera Blanca was his first climbing expedition outside Europe since 2019.

The Polish Mountaineering Association’s program for Himalayan climbing put the team together. Their strategy involves mixing veteran climbers with promising youngsters.

The “kids” going with Bielecki and Golab are all in their twenties. Looking at their Instagram posts, they have been chain-climbing everything within reach of Central Europe, from Poland and Slovakia’s Tatras to the Mont Blanc Massif. Whenever possible, they climb together.

We couldn’t confirm whether Bielecki has climbed with any of the precocious youngsters before, but he has definitely roped-up with Golab (the oldest member of the team). Together they took on two 8,000m winter climbs: Gasherbrum I in 2012 and the Polish attempt at winter K2 in 2018.