Dhaulagiri Summits

Kristin Harila of Norway and the 8K Expeditions team summited Dhaulagiri today at 11:00 am Nepal time. “It turned out to be another challenging ascent, 14 hours hard work from Camp 3, 900m below,” Harila’s home team wrote.

Harila is currently making her way down the mountain, together with Pasdawa Sherpa, Mingma Thendu Sherpa, and Dawa Ongju Sherpa. There is no news about Trifish (real name: Chan Chiao-Yu) of Taiwan, who was also a member of the 8K group.

On the run

Dhaulagiri is the second successful peak in Harila’s ambitious project of summiting all 14 8,000’ers in 2022. To achieve this goal, she intends to climb Nepal’s six 8,000’ers this spring! Next, she flies to Kangchenjunga.

Kari Kobler’s expedition should have reached Camp 3 on Dhaulagiri today and leave for the summit around midnight tonight, aiming to summit on Monday.

Carlos Soria and Sito Carcavilla could not reach Camp 2 yesterday. Falling snow prompted them to turn around halfway and return to Camp 1, according to journalist Alessandro Filippini. He noted that the weather was better above 7,000m.

Sito Carcavilla (left) and Carlos Soria in Dhaulagiri’s Camp 1. Photo: Sito Carcavilla from Alessandro Filippini’s IG page


Hard conditions also prevented a Sherpa team from recovering the body of Antonios Sykaris. The Greek climber died on the mountain some weeks ago.

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