Breaking News: Winter K2 Summit Push is ON

Hoping to beat both the conditions and the approaching equinox, Alex Txikon has started a desperate last push up K2. Nepali climbers Cheppal, Walung, Geljen and Cheppal are marching with him towards Camp 1, while Felix Criado and Ignacio de Zuloaga aimed for Advanced Base Camp today.

The fifth Sherpa climber, Nuri, was forced to abandon the expedition due to minor frostbite and is already on the trek back home. All Polish team members eventually called the expedition off as well, due to health issues.

Alex Txikon towards the summit of winter K2

Alex Txikon’s progress through glacial terrain on his way up K2 yesterday.

“The moment has come and we’re ready,” confirmed Txikon, who describes this winter attempt as the most special of his 30 expeditions. “The atmosphere of this mountain will never cease to surprise me. Here, we have grown as alpinists and human beings,” he said.

While the ascent strategy has not been revealed, the Spanish mountaineer clearly stated his priorities. “We’ll do our best, but will keep a cool head about our ultimate goal: a safe return to Base Camp.”

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Craig Quigley
Craig Quigley
3 years ago

Good luck. But can’t help thinking it will be too much of challenge, with time running out also. Don’t think either team had been above 7500, so no word of snow conditions on the shoulder, then there’s the rope fixing in the bottleneck and traverse.

3 years ago

Good luck to Alex and his comrades. What they did on Nanga Parbat was remarkable. Hope this summit push will work and they will be rewarded with K2 winter ascent.