Breaking: Nirmal Purja to Attempt Winter K2

Nirmal Purja is heading shortly for winter K2. In his usual grand style, he describes the climb as “one of the last remaining grand prizes in mountaineering, a feat regarded […] as impossible.”

He then enigmatically declares that his team is the one best placed to achieve it, but does not say whether he is leading a separate expedition or will join the big Seven Summit Treks team in some capacity. His announcement also says nothing about the route or whether he will use supplementary O2.

Purja astonished the world in 2019 after serial climbing all 8,000’ers in just six months and six days in his first year of professional climbing.  He has played with the idea of winter K2, but he has recently focused on promoting a book and only confirmed his winter plans today.

The news is no surprise to the other teams, who apparently knew of it.