Breaking: Sajid Sadpara Back in Camp 3

“Sajid (Sadpara) is back in C3,” John Snorri’s cook, Harry, reports from Base Camp. “His oxygen regulator wasn’t working so he came back from the Bottleneck.”

The younger Sadpara said that they were at the Bottleneck (8,200m) at around 10 am PKT and that at that time, everyone was fine and continuing at a good pace. “John Snorri, Ali, and J Pablo from Chile are going together for the summit,” Sajid Sadpara said.

However, that was eight (!) hours ago. It’s already past 6 pm and getting dark, even high on K2. Sunset in Islamabad today was at 5:43 pm.

The equipment failure highlights that at least one of the four was using bottled oxygen. This was the second regulator to malfunction on this push. Norbu Sherpa also had to abort his speed climb because of a regulator problem. Sajid would have been climbing with a borrowed unit, since the Snorri team’s own regulators blew away in a mishap a week ago.