Breaking: Weather Forecast Worsens on K2

An urgent new weather update for K2 has just reached ExplorersWeb. Contrary to what was expected, the forecast shows a quick turn for the worse, and the long-expected good weather window will slam shut on Sunday, according to Vitor Baía. This is bad news for the climbers who left Base Camp yesterday or earlier today.

“February 23 will be good, but then conditions will turn bad very quickly,” Baia said.

Alex Txikon’s team members Felix Criado, Ignacio de Zuloaga and expedition doctor Josep Sanchis have just arrived at Advanced Base Camp, after climbing in still-tough conditions, as shown in the Twitter video link below:

Some members of the Russian-Kazakh-Kyrgyz team have also headed for Advanced Base Camp, pitched at 5,290m.

The previous forecast spoke of good conditions below 7,000m for about three days, but the new pattern show good conditions only tomorrow, forcing climbers to either change their strategy or risk a storm while at higher camps.