Broad Peak Off Season: Cadiach Chases Finish Line

Magic Line Hero May Return to Broad already Next Month

Last week Italian Montagna and Spanish Desnivel reported that Oscar Cadiach of K2 Magic Line fame has decided to give Broad Peak another shot already this fall.

Why not, Cadiach told Desnivel. In short, the climber said fall weather in Pakistan can be fair (as it was during retrieval of Manel de la Matta’s remains) and Nepal is frequently climbed post monsoon these days.

Oscar said the expedition is not yet set in stone. He’s looking for a climbing partner and there’s extensive paperwork. Readers in the comments think Cadiach chases a 14, 8000ers first (he’s currently tied at 13 with fellow Catalan Ferran Latorre) something Oscar has not confirmed.

Following this summer’s close encounter with the top (Oscar and his small team were last men standing on the mountain) Cadiach knows the area well and a dogged new attempt, if it happens, could prove a solitary and wild one.