Canadian Climber Missing on K2

Canadian climber Richard Cartier of Quebec has gone missing on the lower slopes of K2, according to Pakistani sources.

Cartier and his companions Matthew Eakin and Justin Dube-Fahmy were descending from an acclimatization round after two long days at altitude. On July 19, they reached 7,000m after 16 hours of climbing. Not surprisingly, they reported feeling very tired that day.  Still, they decided to climb even higher yesterday, reaching Lower Camp 4 at 7,600m.

“It is cold, [and] we are tired after these two long days,” Dube-Fahmy wrote at the time.

K2. Photo: Justin Dube-Fahmy


Today, they were descending from Camp 2 to Camp 1 when the accident occurred. It remains unclear what happened to Cartier.

The three Canadians are part of a team that also includes Rob Springer, Jacob Wetche, and Rick Agnew. Some of them have set off in order to search for the missing climber.

The Canadian team at base camp. Photo: Justin Dube-Fahmy


Broad Peak

The Chileans have reached Base Camp with the injured Romanian climber. Known only as George, he is currently receiving medical assistance and will be evacuated as soon as possible. He reportedly remains in bad health.

It is likely that the affected climber is Geo Badea, a well-known alpinist and geography teacher from Romania’s Dambovita District. Previously, Romanian media had reported that Badea had gone to Pakistan to attempt Broad Peak.

Some climbers also had to assist a Pakistani who had run out of oxygen, according to Mexican climber Luis Espinoza Santillan.

Geo Badea. Photo: Geo Badea

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