Carhartt System 5 Work Glove Review

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When it comes to workwear, few brands are known as well as Carhartt. The Carhartt name is synonymous with quality goods. The Carhartt Men’s System 5 Safety Cuff Work Glove is no exception. This Carhartt glove is a heavy-duty work glove with synthetic leather construction and suede reinforcements for demanding jobs and excellent protection. A hard day’s work can be made exponentially easier with quality protective gear.

carhartt men's system 5 work glove with safety cuff

Stay warm, stay tough

Because of the all-leather construction, these gloves were incredibly warm, which was excellent for cold days and chilly warehouses. When working outdoors, I found them well suited for chilly, rainy Pacific Northwest days while moving logs and other debris. I used this model to move firewood, saw branches for trail work, and improve pasture fencing. These gloves performed well, were undamaged, and kept my hands warm during the long day.

I’ve used lots of gloves and occasionally still got splinters when working with wood. But the Carhartt System 5 Safety Cuff Work Glove protected me from splinters, and the suede palm patch provided some additional grip, but not quite as much as I would have liked.

carhartt mens system 5 work glove with safety cuff

The fit

I found the fit to be somewhat loose with a size small, but I have small hands. The elastic cuff still left plenty of space for dust and dirt to enter the glove, and it sat a bit above the wrist. Because the glove and cuff were not tight-fitting small debris, sawdust, and dirt were able to get inside the glove.

You don’t usually expect dexterity with an all-leather glove, especially in a glove that doesn’t quite fit. To my surprise, the Carhartt System 5 Safety Cuff Work Glove’s dexterity was decent despite the large fit and the fact that it’s leather. I had some gaps in the fingertips, which would be problematic for some jobs, but I opted to use these for loading, trail work, and fixing pasture fencing, and they performed well. I had approximately a half-inch of space in each of the fingertips and additional space in the thumb. But this is a common trend in gloves for me, it is rare I find a glove that fits snugly.

Carhartt System 5 Safety Cuff Work Glove buy

All in all, Carhartt crafted a quality glove that provides warmth, wrist protection, and durability. Be sure to measure your hands accurately before purchase, so you get a proper fit. If the Carhartt System 5 Work Glove is your next work glove, you can pick up a pair on Amazon for $22, a reasonable price for durability, and a name brand.

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