Carlos Soria on the Move on Dhaulagiri

After a long wait at Base Camp on Dhaulagiri, Carlos Soria is finally on the move.

Soria completed his acclimatization on April 24 and has been patiently waiting for good weather in order to make his ninth attempt at the summit. Now it’s finally happening: Wind speeds should decrease over the next few days and the heavy snowfall that has characterized each afternoon should relent enough for a summit push.

Soria’s tent at Base Camp on Dhaulagiri. Photo: Carlos Soria

The expedition team plans to leave today for Camp 1. Climbers will then progress up gradually through the higher camps in order to attempt the summit on either May 18 or 19, if the weather holds. As in any climb, “the security and safety of the entire team [is] an absolute priority,” writes Soria. Last year, the 79-year-old had to turn back just 100m from the summit.

The team of climbers at Base Camp on Dhaulagiri for the Spring 2018 season. Photo: Carlos Soria

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