Tien Shan

Piotr Rozek, Tomasz Kujawski, and Wojciech Mazik in the Ala Archa region in Kyrgyzstan.

Busy Polish Trio Completes Several Routes in the Tien Shan

Between September 1 and September 18, Polish climbers Piotr...
Military Topographers' Peak in the Tien Shan

New Route on 6,873m Peak in Central Tien Shan

On August 7, Russian alpinists Alexey Suharev, Ratmir Mukhametzyanov,...
Marked in green when the accident took place on Peak Pobeda in the Tian Shan.

Four Missing on Pobeda Peak

Well-known Russian alpinist Dimitry Pavlenko, his wife Svetlana, and...

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