a climber with sunglasses, mountain clothes and a Jordan's flag.

Fake Summit Photo Fever Reaches Mera Peak

Faking a summit picture on an 8,000'er is bad...
hiker rescue

Hikers Need Rescue After Following Non-Existent Trail On Google Maps

After several hikers got lost while following a trail...
hiker on mountain trail

The Pamir Trail: A New Central Asian Trekking Gem Is In the Works

The Central Asian country of Tajikistan covers 142,326 square...
hiker and dog in the Lake District

‘Disoriented’ Hikers High on Magic Mushrooms Rescued in UK’s Lake District

Talk about a bad trip. A group of hikers in...
A woman opens her arms from a high place, a stunning mountain and blue lake landscape at her feet.

Nepal’s Ban on Independent Trekkers Remains Disorganized, Uncertain

April 1 came and went, and the situation around...
dirt road in Nepal

Nepal Trekkers, Be Warned: Noisy Dirt Roads Have Replaced Some Quiet Trails

As if Nepal's new prohibition on trekking independently was...

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