Classic Climbs: K2 Magic Line

Last man standing on Broad Peak this season: In 2004 Oscar Cadiach left a major mark on K2.

“Communication with BC was broken, as the severe cold had exhausted the batteries in the climbers radio unit. But at 8.00 pm, Oscar Cardiach was able to send a short SOS; “Help Negrotto” over the radio. One hour later, at 9.00 in the night, in the middle of a snow storm, Valen Giró, along with Baltí Ghulam, set of from BC with some food and medicals.

The high avalanche-risk forced them to retreat shortly after. At 3:00 am in the morning they left BC again, to climb up to C1 on the Magic line. Meanwhile, in Camp 1 at Negrotto Col, at 4:30 am on August 19th, Manel de la Matta passed away in Oscar’s arms.” Full story