Concern Grows For Suhajda Szilard on Everest

It’s already noon in Nepal and there is no trace of Hungarian climber Suhajda Szilard. Yesterday, Szilard set off toward the summit of Everest on his own and without supplementary O2. There has been no communication from him in more than 24 hours, his tracker is apparently not functioning, and, worst of all, today’s summit teams have not seen him.

No sign of Szilard near the summit

A team from Imagine Nepal, comprising two clients and six Sherpa guides, set off from Camp 4 yesterday night and summited just before noon today. They were aware Szilard was missing and intentionally looking for him as they climbed. “They are now on their way back down. They have not seen the Hungarian climber,” Imagine Nepal’s leader Mingma G told ExplorersWeb.

Szilard’s home team reported that two Sherpas ascended to Camp 4 to wait for Szilard, but they had not yet called for a rescue.

Szilard last contacted his home team yesterday morning from the Balcony (8,400m). After the Balcony, his tracker registered occasional signals which showed him moving very slowly towards the summit. The final two signals from his tracker arrived in the late evening and located him at 8,700m and 8,795m.

It is unclear if Szilard had a radio with him, but regular climbing mate David Klain stated that he believed Szilard probably isn’t carrying one.

Szilard was outfitted by Seven Summit Treks but only hired them to provide logisitcs to Base Camp. On the mountain, Szilard was self-sufficient, carrying his own tent, gear, and supplies.

Angela Benavides

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