Desnivel: Everest Speed Records Rundown

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Loretan/Troillet, Hans Kammerlander, Christian Stangl, Kazi Sherpa – how do they compare to Kilian Jornet? Desnivel has a rundown of Everest speed climbs to date. (Spanish translate)


Everest speed records have a checkered history with accusations of cheating, arrests and government intervention. Fun summary here: Everest record-man Pemba Dorje Sherpa in jail (2006)


ExplorersWeb special: Mount Everest speed records (2012):

Oct 5, 1990, Marc Batard (no O2): 22 hrs 29 min
Oct 17, 1998, Kaji Sherpa (with O2*): 20 hrs 24 min
May 21, 2000, Babu Chiri Sherpa (with O2): 16 hrs 56 min
May 22, 2003, Pemba Dorje Sherpa (with O2): 12 hrs and 45 min
May 25, 2003, Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa (with O2): 10 hrs 56 min
May 21, 2004, Pemba Dorjie Sherpa (with O2): 8 hrs 10 min

* Kaji (Kazi) Sherpa claims no O2 to be confirmed.

(Note! Christian Stangl’s lonely speed climb on Everest North Ridge started at C3 and is thus not complete.)


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