Dhaulagiri: Summit Push in Two Waves

Kristine Harila and Trifish are approaching Camp 3 on Dhaulagiri and hope to summit tomorrow. Meanwhile, a second group of climbers is preparing to set off from Base Camp, with Monday as their summit day.

Carlos Soria will leave for the higher camps tomorrow, with Sito Carcavilla and his Sherpa team. At a pace of one camp per day, they hope to summit Monday morning.

Carlos Soria at Dhaulagiri Base Camp. Photo: Carlos Soria


Kari Kobler’s team might also have joined the summit push. We are awaiting confirmation on this. Expedition leader Andreas Neuschmid previously reported that the team is well-acclimatized and ready to go for the summit as soon as weather permits.

Finally, five Sherpas are heading up Dhaulagiri on a sadder mission — to retrieve the body of Antonios Sykaris. The Greek climber perished while coming down from the summit near Camp 3. Bad weather has thwarted attempts to recover his remains until now.

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Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn
20 days ago

Insane to risk the Sherpa to retrieve a body. Obviously good money is tempting them. Better to leave him where he lies.

18 days ago
Reply to  Peter Flynn

You have a very simple worldview… Are you familiar with the ordeal that most Nepalis (and Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indians, …) live through in the Persian Gulf, in Malaysia? What about the (former) Gurkhas who often work as mercenaries? It’s a choice, if the Sherpas want to climb back up to retrieve a body and be paid for it. Accept it.
I myself, should I be in that situation, should I die on the mountain, would rather stay on the mountain, this being said.