Dmitry Golovchenko Confirmed Dead at 6,850m on Gasherbrum IV

Sergey Nilov has confirmed that Dmitry Golovchenko perished on Gasherbrum IV. Now, Pakistan’s helicopter pilots will ponder their options regarding a recovery mission that seems nearly impossible.

Details are still sketchy because (among other reasons) Nilov reportedly speaks little English. However, he managed to tell rescuers and Base Camp crew that he reached Golovchenko, verified that he had died, and wrapped the body in their tent. Then he returned on his own to Base Camp.

Too high for a long line

Nilov has pointed out the approximate place where he left Golovchenko. Unfortunately, the spot (shown in the feature image illustrating this story) is at about 6,850m, beyond the flight ceiling of Pakistan’s helicopters.

Rescue teams have not yet decided on the next steps in their recovery effort. Today, the weather is bad and no flights are expected.

As for Nilov, rescuers transferred him to Islamabad today. Karrar Haidri, secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, confirmed to ExplorersWeb that Nilov will return to Russia for treatment.

Angela Benavides

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