Double Amputee Xia Boyu Summits Everest

Seventy-year-old double amputee Xia Boyu has succeeded on his sixth Everest attempt, reaching the summit on March 14, along with 13 other climbers.

Xia Boyu went as part of the Imagine Treks and Expeditions team, led by super Sherpa Mingma Gyalje, fresh off the first 8,000m ascent of the season, on Lhotse.

Just a few months ago, it seemed as if Xia Boyu had lost his chance to summit Everest. Fortunately for Xia Boyu, last fall’s controversial new Nepalese regulations prohibiting double amputees and others with severe disabilities from scaling the mountain were eventually revoked.

Xia Boyu’s achievement is especially impressive given that his first Everest attempt took place 43 years ago, and resulted in severe frostbite that eventually led to the amputation of both his feet.

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