EcoFlow Adds Icemaker to Its Electric Coolers, Updates Portable AC/Heater

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At EcoFlow, portability is paramount. Known for its portable power stations, the brand also makes high-tech electric coolers and air conditioners that can tag along on your adventures.

EcoFlow recently unveiled two new products that can bring more chill to your summer. The brand now offers portable electric coolers and air conditioners for use at campsites, job sites, or home. The GLACIER 3-in-1 electric cooler can simultaneously act as a refrigerator, freezer, and icemaker. To achieve this, it has three dedicated, separate compartments. The WAVE 2 is a wireless, portable air conditioner and heater in a small package. The brand claims it’s powerful enough to quickly raise or lower the temperature inside vans, boats, cabins, and tents. This dual-function unit has an 8-hour runtime potential. Read on for more details on the GLACIER and WAVE 2 — and how to get a deal on the portable AC.

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GLACIER 3-in-1 Electric Cooler

‘Impressively Quick’ Icemaking

The EcoFlow GLACIER’s icemaking speed sets it apart from its competition. Equipped with a 120W compressor, the GLACIER’s icemaker produces 18 solid ice cubes in 12 minutes. We found this to be much faster — “impressively” so — than other electric coolers with icemaking capabilities. The icemaker is separate from the fridge/freezer space, so you can enjoy fresh ice cubes while your food and beverages remain chilled or frozen. Additionally, the compressor allows for cooling the interior storage space from 86 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in roughly 15 minutes. At outdoor temps of 77 degrees F, the GLACIER’s plug-in battery can run up to 40 hours of refrigeration or 19 hours of freezing, according to the brand. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EcoFlow-GLACIER-scaled.jpg

Dual-Zone Cold Storage

Inside, the two storage compartments can hold different temperatures independent of one another. One side can cool while the other freezes, so you can keep meats or instant meals frozen while fresh fruit and veggies refrigerate in the same unit. The GLACIER’s design uses a divider to create two compartments of different sizes that work independently from one another. If you need more freezer space than fridge space, or vice versa, you can set the temperatures separately so each can refrigerate or freeze from 50 to -13 degrees F. If you want to use the storage space solely as a refrigerator or as a freezer, remove the internal divider (which doubles as a cutting board) and store it inside the lid. For reference, it holds 60 cans inside.

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The GLACIER comes with two handles for moving it around. And you can buy add-on add wheels and a telescoping handle for pulling it like luggage, as shown above. A digital display shows your temperature settings and the battery life. Similarly, the EcoFlow app lets you see and adjust those settings remotely. According to the brand, you could even tell it to make ice as you’re leaving the trailhead, and it will be waiting for you after a long day in the heat. It takes a little over 2 hours to charge the GLACIER via solar (up to 240 W), AC, and DC. A car charger is another option. The GLACIER costs $1,099 on its own or $1,399 bundled with an add-on battery.

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WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner: The Sequel

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EcoFlow says the WAVE 2 is 20% smaller than its predecessor and has 27% more power. It measures 21.3 x 11.9 x 16.4 inches with an add-on battery attached. A 1,159Wh add-on battery should enable the WAVE 2 to cool for up to 8 hours. It can also be powered by EcoFlow’s portable power stations for a claimed maximum runtime of 18 hours. The unit pushes 5,100 BTUs for fast cooling. The brand says within 5 minutes the AC can drop the temperature by 18 degrees F inside a 50-square–foot room. Conversely, the unit can heat the same space just as quickly, raising the temperature by 18 degrees F with 6,1000-BTU heating. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EcoFlow-WAVE-2-side-view.jpg The EcoFlow app lets you monitor and control the portable AC unit. That means you can start cooling down an RV, truck camper, or tent as you’re wrapping up your afternoon fun. It requires no drainage. The WAVE 2 runs in fast mode, eco mode, or sleeping mode. In sleeping mode, the unit’s noise is 44 dB. That’s roughly the same ambient level of a library or chirping birds. Lastly, a spare battery lets you continue to power the unit while the other battery charges via AC, solar, a car, or power stations. The WAVE 2 costs $1,299 on its own or $2,199 when bundled with the add-on battery.

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