Everest 1996: No Movie Reward Yet For Hero’s Compatriot

Kazakhstan back in Everest focus today

20 years today since the Everest tragedy, victims are remembered but also the hero of that night: Kazakh Anatoli Boukreev who alone went out trying to save climbers’ lives.

The tragedy has captivated people around the world through books and latest this fall, the blockbuster 3D IMAX movie – Everest.

One of the main real-life characters on the Kazakh mountaineering scene is climbing Archpriest Alexander Zyryanov. Young Kazakh climbers would text him during K2 summit pushes and his climbing flock even helped place a new cross on his church. Naturally when the movie came out Father Alexander went to see how it portrayed Anatoli.

Turns out the movie was great, the priest told us, except there was a mistake. The picture in the movie posters is not Everest but Peak Chapayev (6371 m) – moreover shot by the priest himself! So how much did the prominent picture bring the Kazakh climbing flock? $62,50 to be exact.

We contacted the film crew and David Breashears, whom we know from Everest, about the story and suggestion of a bigger copyright royalty to the Kazakh collection basket. No reply yet. Last we checked with Father Alexander he hadn’t heard anything either. If/when things change, we’ll update.

Meanwhile, check the incredible story right here.