Everest: Bargiel Ready to Go For the Summit

Andrzej Bargiel reached nearly 8,000m on his latest acclimatization on Wednesday and skied partway down. Back in Base Camp, he and his team prepare for the final push.

They stayed in Camp 2 (6,400m) for some days, acclimatizing and waiting for the weather to improve. On Wednesday, the skies cleared up enough to let Bargiel ascend close to the South Col.

“Then I skied down to Camp 3, where we spent the night…Now back in Base Camp, [we are] waiting for a weather window, and — straight to the top!”

group picture in BC with members in mountain jackets, and a snowy face behind.

Andrzej Bargiel and his team.

Meanwhile, on Dhaulagiri…

Apparently, the long spell of bad weather has affected all of Nepal’s peaks, so the movement of climbers on Everest, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri has been similar.

On Dhaulagiri, climbers with Seven Summit Treks have finally been able to leave Base Camp. They moved up to Camp 1 and then Camp 2 for some badly needed acclimatization after two weeks in the rain at Base Camp. Uta Ibrahini of Kosovo described the climbing as “difficult, dangerous, but very beautiful.”

Vadim Druelle of France and a small group of climbers and rope fixers pushed up to nearly 7,000m yesterday.

Yellow tents at dusk, with a stunning sunset in background - the sun setting behind jagged peaks under a think layer of clouds.

A higher camp (possibly Camp 1) on Dhaulagiri. Photo: Vadim Druelle

Angela Benavides

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