Everest: Chinese Begin Second Summit Push

After some days with no news, the Chinese team on Everest has announced that they are ready for a second summit attempt, beginning today.

The surveyors, aiming to re-measure the height of Everest, had returned to their lower Base Camp last week after bad weather thwarted the first summit try. They started climbing again on Saturday toward an intermediate Base Camp at 5,800m today and ABC (6,500m) tomorrow. They plan to gain one camp a day and reach the top from their last camp at 8,300m on Friday, May 22.

Ahead of them, as always, is a team of guides. On the previous push, the guides fixed ropes to 8,300m before turning around. According to The Himalayan News, they will again lead the way, fixing ropes to the summit the day before the surveyors get there.