Everest Epilogue: More Summits, Another Fatality

ExplorersWeb crashed Monday morning, leaving us unable to bring news of the handful of Everest climbers who had chosen to wait until the crowds deserted the roof of the world. Four clients, nine Sherpas and three guides led by Casey Gordon reached the top in great weather.

One client didn’t make it back: Christopher Kulish, a 62-year-old attorney from Boulder, Colorado, completed his Seven Summits quest with Everest, but perished back in Camp 4. His family believes that he died of cardiac arrest, according to the Denver Post.

Christopher Kulish, the latest fatality on Everest. Photo: Climbing the Seven Summits


So far, over 800 climbers have summited Everest this spring, with 11 fatalities — an incredibly high number. By contrast, only eight perished during the infamous 1996 Everest disaster.

The Sherpas who have spent the month cleaning the upper sections of the mountain have also returned to Base Camp. According to the Nepali Times, the men carried down 11 tons of garbage.

Garbage from Everest’s upper slopes.


While the Himalayan spring has not quite ended, the Karakorum season has just begun: A six-member Pakistan-Japan expedition set off yesterday towards K2, preceded by a caravan of about 80 porters.