Everest Tech Week 2015 History

Do you remember when…
It’s now 12 years since Explorersweb kicked off the first Tech Week compiled by HumanEdgeTech. Before the upcoming recommendations let’s revisit some of the stories from the past. 


Tech Week 2003


Our opening piece in 2003 was a 5-part series describing Hillary and Tenzing’s summit, news of which took 4 days to reach England with 1953 technology. The series concluded with the biggest story breaking on the internet at the time: The 1996 “Into Thin Air” disaster uploaded live from BC over a prehistoric Inmarsat terminal.


Another story was a fact few people knew then, and many still don’t know today; that live video from Everest summit was done already back in 1988! The Asian Friendship Expedition met on top after climbing the mountain from both sides, and broadcasted from the summit live to 280 million viewers back home.


The cost? More than $20 million but in 1988 only 191 people had reached the summit of Everest and the event ignited minds young and old similar to the astronauts landing on the Moon. 

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